Saturday, October 14, 2006

October 14 2006

Things have been going fine with the boys, well as good as to be expected. They both are getting spoiled and don't want to sleep in their bed at times. It's Kolton mostly. He will be sound asleep and you put him in his bed, his eyes shoot open and then his mouth does. He will cry for an hour if you let him. I don't and that why he does it. I try the binky first, then talking to him or singing, then touching him. He will stay asleep but as soon as I walk off he starts to cry.

Something funny. The other day I was changing him before I fed him and he had a string on his sock, so I pulled it off and went on about my business. As I am feeding him I look down and I see his little toes sticking out of his sock. This cracked me up. Evidently the string was holding his sock together.

Kolton's toes.

They have been more interactive her lately as well. Sometimes they will stay up the 3 hours between feedings. They are starting to smile more often. Karter is a pro at holding his head up, Kolton is working on it more and more every day. They have begun to reach for things at times. Karter reached up and touched daddies face the other day, wish I would have had the camera handy. They are good babies and have not given us many problems. The only thing I wonder about it Karter grunting so much. At times he will grunt until his face turns red. He is not pooping or anything like that so I don't know. He doesn't seem to be in pain when he does this though.

Here are a few pictures we took of them in the laundry basket.


Kolton was a little unsure about it at first.

But after a some food and a clothes change he was happy again.
(ok I've tried 4 times to get the picture I want here to install and it won't I will have to try later as it is time to feed them.)

I'm so glad Karter's oxygen is off, it makes it so much easier to move around the house, I was getting stir crazy staying in one room all the time. And it you can see his cute little face now.