Saturday, April 26, 2008

21 month Stats, and Ghost Hunters

The doctor appointment of Friday went good. I was even brave enough to take them both in without the stroller. Both boys held my hand like perfect little gentleman and, I even let them play with the germie public toys in the office. Eww! They were so good, when our name was called they held my hands and followed me back. They both got a little teary eyed when the nurse weighed them and took their measurements, but recovered quickly. They both kept saying "bye bye" and "daddy" over and over, basically telling me they wanted to leave. As we waited for the doctor both sat on my lap and I told them several times that the doctor was going to come and see them and listen to their hearts and tell us how big they have gotten. They both seemed to understand and Kolton kept saying "see me". I was trying to prepare them because Kolton has "white coat syndrome" and usually cries which starts Karter crying. When the doctor came in both just continued to sit on my lap as the doctor looked in their eyes and ears and did the whole spill. They kept talking to the doctor about "bobo" the dog. No crying while the doctor was in the room. Then it was shot time. I laid both on the table pulled down both their pants. The nurse gave each one a shot quickly, I brought out the b's(binkies) and they cried for a second. Kolton however before the shot said "no" several time and then when she poked him he said "oww" and pushed her hand away. Karter said "no" several times. When we were fixing to leave Kolton with tears still in his eyes ran to the door, opened it(he can open the ones with the handicap handles) and said "go". They got suckers and as we left they both said "bye" to the nurse. Then they held my hand as we left. I was so proud of them they are growing up.

26 lbs
34 1/2 in tall
49 1/2 cm head

25 lbs
33 1/2 in tall
48 1/2 cm head

Oh, I forgot to mention that the doctor said, that what is on Kolton's face did in fact look like pimples. At first he didn't look at it very well and tried to give me some sort of cream. I was persistent and kept saying it's been there for months. It acts like a pimple he look at it closely and said it did indeed look like a pimple and it had some blackhead looking things around it. So he gave us some cream for pimples and said it should be gone in 7 to 14 days. We will see, I'm calling the dermatologist if it isn't gone in the allotted days, however it does look better today.

And now for the Ghost Hunters part.

I really like the show Ghost Hunters, I DVR it every Wednesday and watch it commercial free later.

Last weeks episode had the funniest blooper I've yet to see on this show. I died laughing, because you know every one loves a little poo humor.

Monday, April 21, 2008

21 Month Update

You know that house I referred to in the previous post, the one we loved? Well, we decided we don't love it so much and are not making an offer. However, we are still putting our house on the market and we will began to look for a house closer to Jimmy's work. We will probably live in a town that is about 15 mins away from the one we currently live in.

Now for the update. For this months update I'm just going to lump it into one paragraph instead of one for each kid. Mostly because I'm tired and lazy tonight and because they are pretty much doing the same things now.

Month 21 so far has not been fun. We are only days into it and we have lots and lots and LOTS of whining. Fit throwing, getting super frustrated, screaming, fighting with each other, and getting up and hour and a half earlier than they normally do. This is despite all the outside time they have been getting and going to bed at there normal time(7:30) super tired. They are still taking a nap in the afternoon(thank goodness). They have gotten super picky and it's a huge chore to find something they will eat. They have pretty much abandoned breakfast, no matter what I give them. I even tried to give them donuts one day to see if it was just the stuff I was offering, but nope no donuts for them, which I'm kinda glad about. If this is an indication to the "terrible two's" I only hope it doesn't get worse. So far, they have continued to sleep through the night.

Kolton has peed in the potty twice now. He is beginning to tell me when he has pooped or peed, so I suppose soon we will have to get on with the potty training. Karter is still not really interested. Karter's obsession with computers and phones has become some what un-healthy, for me that is. Un-healthy because I have to hear the fit that ensues every time he sees a phone or hears the computer room door open. This morning and in his attempts to get us up so very early he and Kolton were saying every single word they know. Including computer"puter" and phone, B(binky), mommy, daddy, Bobo(the dog) and a few others before they began to scream at 6:30. Yeah, us!

So I'm hoping their crankiness or whatever it is will slow down or go away soon. They are happy for the most part, but man oh man those mins or hours when they aren't are not pretty.

I don't look forward to showing our house and I don't look forward to packing and moving, but I do look forward to having more room. Our house here as served us well. We have lived here 8 years, but quite frankly we have out grown it and the backyard is small, not enough room for a huge dog(great dane) and two smaller ones and two kids and all their toys. We are looking for a least an acre, so I will keep you posted. Oh, updates on weights and heights on the kiddos on Friday, that's when they have their next doctor appt.

These pics where taken about at week ago, since then the weather is much nicer and we can go out in shorts and no jacket.

This is Zeeo or Bobo we call him both. He's our 9 year old Great Dane

Friday, April 18, 2008

Been Busy

I'm still here. We are all still here. Things have been busy lately. Jimmy had to have a small surgical procedure for some stomach issues, we have put our rent house on the market and have found a house we love and are thinking of putting our house on the market and making an offer on the other house. The boys have been very busy, running from here to there. So I've been busy and hope to write their 21 month update soon. Sorry no pictures today :(

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sentimental Much

While cleaning off my desk tonight, I stumbled across this picture.

As I looked at it I became a little teary eyed. I'm sure I'm not the only mother that does this, am I? Anyway as I studied the picture I felt several things. First I felt very proud at how happy the boys look, and how big they have gotten since this was taken. Then I felt a little sad. I felt sad for several reasons, the first being that at the time the picture was taken in December of 2006, we had only been home 3 months or so. Those were some hard times. I felt sad because my babies were born too early, sad that I really did not get to experience what it was like to have a "normal" healthy new born. If you will notice Kolton(on the left) has some wires sticking out of his box, and Karter(on the right)has a blue foam thing wrapped around his chest. These are the Apnea Monitors that we had for a long time. I also felt sad for a few moments that these may be my last babies. Jimmy and I have been talking for several months about weather we want any more children or not. I would love to have a little girl, however that can't be guaranteed. Also as the boys get older it gets easier, don't get me wrong new things that you have to confront pop up all the time, but when you are getting more sleep these things can be better dealt with. Also we are pretty nervous about possibly having multiples again and possibly having to deal with pre-term labor or births again. Have I said before that pre-term anything sucked? Well it did. Then I felt so thankful. Thankful to God above for sending his angles to stand beside my babies isolette then crib so they wouldn't feel alone while I was not there. Thankful for the doctors and nurses who did such a wonderful job with my babies and so very thankful that they are here, things have turned out so very good, they are fine and don't seem to have any delays or issues so far. As the sadness moved aside the thankfulness remains and I'm so proud of them and all they have achieved despite all the scars that remain, mentally for me and physically for them.

Ok, Ok- enough of the mushy stuff. Gosh all I wanted to do was clean off my very messy desk that very likely has not been cleaned since December of 2006.

Friday, April 11, 2008


The tantrum monster has come to visit at our house. I really wish he would have asked before he came because I would have told him that now is not a good time. As a matter of fact never is a good time, how bout that. Anyway he seems to have won Karter over and Karter has been throwing about one a day. Usually they aren't too bad, but tiring for him and me none the less. When he throws one Kolton get very concerned and will say "Kar-Ter" over and over and sometimes he tries to get him and bring him to me, which just makes him madder. These have been happening after he wakes from his nap and sometimes during the day if he doesn't get what he wants, like going into the computer or "puter" room, our keys or cell phone or the house phone. Thankfully they haven't lasted too long and my approach so far has been first ask him what's wrong, if it's because he wants something I usually acknowledge that he wants it, and I know it is making you mad but you can't have it now. The other day if I even breathed in his direction he would turn his head and say "NO". Oy! I don't look forward to these at all. I've got to get some sort of time out plan in order. We haven't really had to use it so far. What are you other mom's out their doing for your almost 2 year olds?

The pimple that is not a pimple is back full force again. It was looking so good for about a week or so almost gone, and then there it is again. I have tried what the doctor has told me to do and it has not worked. It does not seem to hurt him, but it's ugly and I want my babies little cute face to be free of it. Thankfully their doctor's appt is coming up soon and unless he knows what it is, I'm requesting to be referred to the dermatologist.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sneak peek for my sister.

My sister and brother in law wanted me to take their family pictures. I know what were they thinking?

Anyway here's a sneak peek.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mr. Booger Picker & Blog Headers

This was my first attempt to create my own blog header. While I don't think it's bad, it's not my favorite, however it will have to do for the month of April. I got the idea from Lesley, since I've seen her do it, to change the look every month. Hopefully the headers will only get better. With that said I hope you like it and you find the colors pleasing. Let me know if anything is hard to read or out of place.

Lets move on to Mr. Booger Picker.

Karter spends sometime every day with his finger in his nose. I've yet to see anything come out, but when Jimmy did at least he wiped it on Jimmy and didn't eat it. Eww! Last night after dinner, while the boys where playing with daddy, Karter did it again. This time I had my camera. He was happy about it, both the camera and the nose picking. On a side note he calls the camera a "bopdit" or something like that. I've yet to figure out what he is saying, but he says the same word over and over when I have the camera. I've told him it's a camera to which he replies "bopdit". Maybe he is saying "want it" since that's really all he works for when he does see the camera. Enjoy the pics. Several are a blurry. My battery was low and I had the flash on so it was taking a second to fire and lagging behind what I wanted it to do. Blurry or not you get the picture.

"Hey Mom, watcha got?""oh the bopdit(camera), let me smile for you"
still smilingfeeling the urgeto pick his nose
"hey look mom, get this on the bopdit!"still picking
Still happy about picking his nose
"ok, now what do you want me to do? Can I touch that thing yet?"

Lest we not forget Kolton, who was playing with an empty snack box while the picking was going on.This kept him busy for some time.

And the pimples that are not pimples are back. The boys have an appoint on the 21 of this month for their last shots and a well check-up, at that time I will address this again, unless it get worse between now and then. I think it has something to do with what he is eating. When I was a kid I would break out on my chin if I ate chocolate, it didn't stop me mind you. I've tried to watch for triggers and chocolate might be one. I will have to investigate further.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Little help Please

*I seemed to have that problem figured out thankfully, now on to a new design, bare with me*

I messing with the blog look a bit. This is not the way it will stay but it's how it is for now. I have a question however and I hope someone can help. All you blogger users out there and those who are not if you can answer this. Why does my page go on forever? I have the archiving turned on to monthly, but it does not seem to be working. It goes on forever. All the other blogger users have at the bottom of their pages that you can click to see older posts. Why does mine not do this? I have gone through all the setting and layout options and I don't see anything about this anywhere. It's taking a long time for my page to load for viewers and that annoys me. Someone help!