Friday, November 30, 2007

Girly Things.

Being that my niece is the only little girl in the family right now she is, of course being spoiled with all things cute and girlie. My sister got these adorable little red shoes for Kyndie. We call them her Dorthy shoes, like Dorthy's ruby slippers on the Wizard of Oz. I couldn't pass of the chance to take pictures of them. I took these several weeks ago, with my old camera and photoshopped them some. I thought they turned out cute.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Santa came early to my house.

Well for me at least. Jimmy got me a nice new camera for Christmas and I've been trying to learn how to use it. Let me just say I have absolutely no idea at all, but whenever I have a free moment, which is not often, I pick it up and snap some pictures and read the manual. I started watching my nephew Collin on the 19th and although he is a good baby it has made me tried. He has some reflux issues which have made him just miserable, but with a formula change he seems much better. I forgot how exhausting taking care of an infant is,(how can I forget that so soon and I had two at one time) he mostly sleeps so I don't know why it's so tiring but it is and add to that Kolton has been having some jealousy issues, well let just say they both can say NO, NO and shake their head now. It's inevitable that when I feed Collin, Kolton wants me to go somewhere or read him a book. I feel guilty to a point, but then I know it's good for him to learn to share and all that stuff.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here, busy but here, trying not only to figure out my camera so I can take our family Christmas picture, but both the kids and I are adjusting to a baby in the house and not being able to get out as often, this is the hard part, we all start going stir crazy. My Explorer will not fit 3 car seats, I have tried and it's not happening. Anyone want to give me a nice newer maybe a little bigger car or truck for Christmas? Come one any takers? I didn't think so.

I leave you with some blurry messed up pictures from my new camera. Sheesh I hope I can figure this thing out. I suppose I can always shoot in Auto, but I don't like to use the flash if I don't have to.

I not so happy Collin shortly after he arrived at my house.

Kolton wondering what else he can take off the already pretty bare tree. Sorry it's blurry

My sweet Karter with a shadow on his face.

A kinda blurry picture of an ornament on my tree.

I actually like this one.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I ask that you take a moment to remember what it is that you have to be thankful for.

I'm so very thankful for my ears, well not just my ears but my hearing. This may sound like a weird thanks for some of you, but without my hearing I would not be able to enjoy the sound of my children's laughter or the sound of lovely music.

I'm so thankful for my children. My precious children who had a rough start to life, but who thrive now, thankfully, for my hearing I can hear them arguing and playing with the father as I type this.

I'm thankful for my family. My every supporting family. I love you guys, all of you.

I'm just thankful to be alive, although it's cold here today, my house is a mess and I have absolutely nothing suitable to wear, I'm alive. Alive to see the beautiful trees that are such lovely shades of amber and red now, the sky so blue and crisp, the grass all crunchy brown.

Be thankful for you never know when it will be the last day your eyes see or your ears hear, or your children laugh.

God Bless you all.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

16 Months Old Today

I can't believe that today the boys are 16 months old. I have to say that after they turned one, it has gone a lot faster. They are beginning to understand what we are saying. Kolton wanted in my lap the other day, he was sleepy and I said "Kolton go get your lovey" he stopped in he tracks turned around found his lovey and brought it to me. I was like hey, he understood me! I asked Karter the other day if he was ready for night night and he shook his head yes.

Kolton: Lets start with teeth. He as two molars on top and is getting two on the bottom. He now can answer some questions. If it's nap time and I ask if he's ready for a nappy nap he will grab my hand and take me to his bed. As a matter of fact he will come to where ever I am and take my hand and take me to whatever he is wanting. The other day their were some crackers on the cabinet and he took me over to them and pointed and said ahhh. Kolton never stops moving, EVER. From the time he gets up until the time he goes to bed he is moving all over the place. He hardly ever just sits down and plays with something. Kolton is also testing his boundaries lately. He keeps going to the tv stand and turning the satellite on and off over and over and playing with the cords. If I tell him NO, he smiles and does it again. He's also started being mean to his brother and sometimes me. I've notice he does this more when he's tired, however if you tell him NO that's not nice he gets this look in his eye and does it again. I have caught him several times pulling Karters hair. Tonight he slapped me in the face while we were standing around talking to my dad and step mom. I was holding him and they were talking to him and he just slapped my face. We all said "Kolton, that was not nice, be nice" he looked like he was going to cry for a second and then did it again, then he pinched me. It seems with Kolton the more you discipline him the more determined he gets. To tell the truth he has always been like this, even in the womb. He was twin A the one who decided that it was a good idea to come early. I have had to start doing timeouts with him for no more than a minuet at a time. Then I let him up and tell him what he did and let him go. We have only been doing this a short time, so we will see how he handles this.

He's saying all kinds of words and using them correctly. He can find the kitty cat in the book and says meow. He will bring the bubbles to me and say bubbles. He says no, no and shakes his head, can say yes and shake his head yes, says shoes and socks and holds his feet up for both. Understands when you say want to go bye bye and heads to the door. Runs when you tell him you need to change his diaper and has even said diaper once or twice. Says doggie and points, however he also tries to pull the dogs hair, but on the flip side tries to share his food with them. Knows what a nappy nap is for a nap and heads to bed, knows what night night means and head for bed, and he know what where to go when I say lets take a bath. He also knows what I mean when I ask if he's hungry and can say juice and will bring his empty cup to me. He's very bossy and takes anything he wants from Karter.

Kolton pushing the buttons AFTER he had been told not too.

I think that sums Kolton up for now, I'm sure I have forgotten to mention some stuff, but that's all I can think of for now.

Karter: Karter is very sweet, not that Kolton does not have his moments but for the most part Karter is the cuddle bug. He will come up to you and raise his arms to be held, he will lay his little head down on your chest or pat your arm or back. He also has two molars on top and two more coming in on bottom. He pretty much is always on the go as well, but will sit in the floor playing with a toy for a few minuets at a time. He does respond to being told NO for the most part and will stop what he is doing. He has not had to have a timeout yet and does not try to hurt his brother or other people. Pets the doggies nicely, but also feeds them his food. When Kolton takes something away from him he cries, sometimes throws a fit and looks at me to get it back. At times I will go to Kolton tell him Karter had it first have him give it back and then take Kolton to get something else, this does not always work. Karter can also find the kitty cat in the book, does not meow though. Call his cup a Ba, I suppose short for bottle, knows what his shoes and socks are, but does not like to put them on like Kolton, understands what taking a bath means and heads to the bathroom, also knows what a nappy nap is and night night. Can say and asks for a cracker when he's hungry, but it sounds more like crah ker. Heads to his chair or whines when I ask if he's hungry around lunch time. Also know what bye bye is and head to the door and also runs when you mention a diaper change. Karter loves to try to climb, thankfully so far neither one of them have tried to climb on the couch or chairs, but it's coming. Karter has the bad habit, which has caused many a head bump, that if he wants something or doesn't want something he will throw himself backwards without regard for what might be behind him. This usually just makes him even more mad. He LOVES anything electronic. Can scope out a phone or camera from across the room makes a beeline for it all the while smiling. Once he sees that your are not going to let him have it, sometimes he throws himself in the floor and cries.

Karter, OHH the camera, uhh hey you think if I smile real big you will let me play with that thing?

That's all I can think of for Karter now, just like Kolton I'm sure there's more.

I have to say I'm very excited for the Holidays this year. I can't wait to put the tree up. I know I'm crazy, it's just going to more than likely end up on the floor or all the ornaments will. Last year I bought a six foot tree with lights already on it. I didn't put any of my really nice breakable ornaments on it. Usually before I had kids my tree was huge, 7 feet tall and was big and fat around. I decked it out in ribbons and bows and pretty glass ornaments, it take a long time to put up and I hate that part and putting the lights on it. I don't mind decorating it and I hate taking it down. Last year after everything we went through, I just didn't have the time or energy to put the big one up. I figure this way if something get broke, no big deal, it's all inexpensive stuff on there anyway. I need to get busy and take some pictures for our Christmas cards this year. Once I get them I'll be sure to post them for all to see.

Whee! Leaves are fun!

Uhh, not whee, I don't really like it down here.

Nope I would rather get up and go this way.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just Stuff

Kolton has added some new words to his vocabulary. He now says nose, bubbles, and yuck. Those are the ones I can decypher right now.

Karter can say bubbles, and nose. He's been running a low grade fever then it went up to 101 today. I called the doctor and if he is still running one in the morning we are going to the doctor.

Don't you hate it when your kids don't feel good? I don't want them to hurt or feel bad. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow, however I expect Kolton will come down with whatever it is. He looked like he didn't feel well tonight in his eyes.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Time Change and Photoshop

I assume that we are not the only ones having a hard time with the time change. I'm assuming that children all over are wanting to go to bed too early and getting up too early and getting hungry for lunch and dinner too early. For the past two days Kolton and Karter have been having a hard time. They usually eat dinner at 5:00 or 5:30 but now are starving at 4:00 that's after I have given them a snack earlier in the day. Since they have been sleeping through the night, they are very particular on when they want to go to bed. Before the time change they where very sleepy and in bed by 7:00. They like this, believe it or not they beg for this. They will go to their room get their water bottle, binky and lovey and say over and over night, night. Poor kiddos don't understand why we are not putting them in bed when they think it's bedtime. But as you all know that time is really 6:00pm now and that really does not work well at all. We plan to extend there bedtime by 5 to 10 mins or so until we reach 7:00, but I gotta say it's not going to be easy. Time change sucks and I would be happy if we would just do away with it. I understand why it was started, but most of America does not work like this anymore so we should do away with it don't you think?

Ok enough of that.

Since looking at so many website with beautiful photos, I've become very interested in taking better pictures. I'm just getting started, I don't really know what I'm doing and I'm sure my photos are very flawed to the professional eye, but to me they look good most of the time. I've also started playing with photoshop. This is a wonderful program that helps you fix flaws in your photos. I've only started learning about it. Here are a few photos I've played with so far.

Baby Collin-(my nephew)

Baby Kyndie and Mommy-(my niece)



Friday, November 02, 2007

My Favorite Things.

I don't know what got me thinking about this. Maybe the new parents in the family and all the baby stuff that's on the market. I remember feeling so confused and frustrated. I had no clue what I needed or what would work best. As I muttled along I have discovered some things that I really like. Here's my short list of things that have worked the best for us.

Here they are.

1. AngelCare Monitor by Bebe Sounds. This is my number one favorite thing. This simple monitor allowed both Jimmy and I to be able to sleep. We got this monitor when we no longer needed the Apnea Monitors prescribed by the doctor. I believe both babies where about 6-7 months old(I don't really know for sure if that's the correct age, but I'm too lazy at this point to look through my archives) when we started using them. Like the Apnea monitors, they sound an alarm if there is no movement in baby's bed for at least 20 seconds. You will, as your children get older, get a few false alarms as baby begins to move around the bed more, but they are few and far between. I know this does not prevent SIDS or something else bad from happening, but it does alert you if there is a problem it alerts you soon enough that you can get help or take recitative measures yourself. We have used these every night since. Well that was every night until about a week ago. It was the first time in 15 months the both boys where not being monitored while we all slept. I was nervous and would still be using them if they hadn't become such and obsession and a hazard to the boys during the day. Both boys are OBSESSED with the monitor and cords. The began, everyday climbing under their beds numerous time to get to the monitors. I tried everything to keep them out of their reach, but because there is a part that remains in the bed at all times I couldn't just put it up during the day. So, because it had become a hazard during the day, all day and the boys were so obsessed I decided to put the up, for good.
I strongly recommend this monitor, for 65-80 dollars you can have some peace of mind while you sleep. If I ever have any more children I will certainly use this monitor again.

Jan. 19, 2007
The day before the boys where taken off the Apnea Monitors. We where so nervous and scared. We researched and ran right out and bought two AngelCare Monitor.

2. Boppy. This is great for all occasions. It's good if you breast feed and works great if you bottle feed as well. I have used mine(we have two) for several different things. When the boys were really young they were a life saver. I used them to feed both boys at the same time. It took some practice but once I got the hang of it things got a lot easier. I also used them for tummy time and the boys would lay on them on our bed and just watch us or their surroundings. Occasionally they would nap in them. I have to tell you there is a disclaimer on the tag that states you should never allow your children to nap on them, but I did, I never left them alone on them. Kolton had some pretty bad reflux when he was little and we where supposed to prop him up after feedings for at least 20-30 mins. The Boppy worked great for this as well. I recommend these to anyone with an infant they allow you to have your child close by but have your hands free as well.

Picture taken Oct. 21, 2006
They got sick with a cold that night and their monitors went off a lot. We had to take them to the ER the next morning.

Taken Oct. 5, 2006-Two days before Karter was able to go off oxygen. Poor little guys face was swollen from the oxygen, he had cradle cap and eczema on his face. Not to mention the tape bothered him. Man, oxygen sucked.

Taken Nov. 11, 2006-Kolton enjoying his boppy and a binky.

3. Papasan Swing. We got two of these swings as a gift from a dear friend for the boys. Both boys really liked them but it was Karter who loved his swing. He up until 9 months or so would take his naps in his swing. I would let him swing until he fell asleep and then I would stop the swing. He would nap for an hour or more in it. When nothing else worked and Mama was about to have a break down from them not napping or wanting to be held all the time. I could turn to the swing for at least 30 mins. The swing will swing in two different directions and the seat has two different positions in which you can put it in. When you have infant twins you will try anything to get just enough time to cram a sandwich down your throat or go to the bathroom. These swings where sometimes the only reason I got to eat.

Taken Nov. 8, 2006
One of the first times I put them in their swings.

4. Booster Seats. Although these are not the exact seats we have they are by the same company, they just don't fold up. I love these seats, they take up less room than the highchairs, and when you have two of everything space is an issue. They are easy to clean and the boys feel like they are more apart of dinner time now. For that matter when we got these seats we were able to put the table back in the kitchen and all eat together. When it was just the highchairs we had to take the table out because there wasn't enough room for both the table and highchairs. We of coarse used the highchairs until the boys where able to sit well on their own. If we are going to a friend or relatives house to eat, we just take these seats along and the boys have their own chairs. I've not had one problem with these seats I think they're great.

Taken June 30, 2007
First time in their big boy seats. We have since then switched them to the other side of the table and most times we use the tray that came with the chairs, they seem to focus better on eating with the tray attached.

5. RadioFlyer Wagon. The boys got this for their birthday from their Nanny. This is a must for twin families. I would also say it was a must for families with children close in age. Both the boys love this wagon. It's easy to pull, has safety belts to keep them strapped in, and has cup holders. We never get one complaint from either of the boys in this wagon. We also have this wagon. I like the wagon as well, but at this point neither boy will stay seated in it long enough to be pulled around. Because it has the bigger tires it tips a little more easily. We've tried it several times but their not ready for it yet, they don't get that if they stand up or fall out while we are moving that its going to hurt and it's going to leave a mark and I don't want that. It does have a cover on it like a covered wagon which both boys are crazy about. They do however like to push it around they yard. I'm sure when their older this wagon will be just as big a hit as the other one.

July 4, 2007
First time in new wagon.

July 6, 2007
We even took it for their one year old pictures. The wagon's a hit I tell ya!

There's my list of my five favorite things so far. I'm sure as the kids get older my list will grow. Feel free to share your favorite thing in the comment section.