Monday, January 29, 2007

No More

The doctor wrote the script to discontinue Kolton's Apnea monitor today. They are both free of wires permanently for the first time in their lives. That also means that there are no more devices in the house or on the babies that label them as preemie. This is exciting and scary at the same time. In preparation for this we or the husband did, searched for devices to monitor them. He found the Anglecare motion monitor by BebeSounds, which has very good ratings.

Karter has been using it for a week or more. Kolton will use it for the first time tonight.

The only drawback that I have found so far is kinda weird. I'm not sure how often it happens but it was creepy none the less. Last week I was giving the boys a bath and I had left the parent unit on, no big deal you would think, but I began to hear a baby cry, not my babies mind you and a women talking. Some how this was picking up someone else unit. Besides that incident it has picked up a cordless phone conversation as well. Now I just make sure to turn it off when not in use. I hope it doesn't do that in the middle of the night. I thing for it to happen the unit in the babies room has to be off though. Weird huh?

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Today Aunt Jamie, Uncle Eddie and Cousin Paige came to visit. Unfortunately Mama didn't take any pictures of them, although she should have. Later in the day Papa and Nannie came to visit. We did all kinds of fun things.

First Papa played with Kolton and he got to wear his hat

Then papa played with Karter and he got to wear his hat too.

Then Papa and Nannie read us a book.

Then it was time to eat some carrots. Papa and Nannie feed us those while Mom ran around taking pictures.

After we ate our carrots we got our jammies on and ate a little bit of a bottle and then we fell asleep. We went to sleep pretty early, we had a busy day and now we are going to wake up way early for Mom in the morning.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lazy Day

Today Karter played on the couch with Daddy.

Then Kolton took a nap on the couch with Daddy.

And while Kolton and Daddy slept, Aunt Keelan visited and played with Karter.
And after that Nana and Aunt Janice came over and watched the boys so Mommy and Daddy could go to the movies. We saw We Are Marshall and it was a really good movie. When we got home the boys were asleep for the night, we ordered take out and that's how our day ended.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

6 Months Old

Yesterday they were 6 months old. People keep telling me the times goes by very quickly and before I know it they will be starting school. The past two months they have really grown both physically and developmentally. I'll start with Kolton. Kolton can now roll from his front to his back both left and right. He can hold his head up at a 90 angle when on his belly, although he does not like to be on his belly very long. He is beginning to want to sit up straight when you are holding him. He's been drooling a lot and has two teeth on the bottom trying to poke their way through. They don't seem to bother him to bad. He is eating good and we have restarted solids. I stopped for a week or so because they both just cried through it. He's not to fond of the just plain rice cereal but he does like bananas. And he has even begun to sleep through the night. Usually he goes to bed between 6:00pm and 7:30 and will sleep until 6:00am, sometimes he still wakes up about 2 or 3 for a bottle. They are reaching for things now and putting them in their mouths. I will have to baby proof this place very soon. Over all Kolton is a happy smiley boy, he very rarely cries and will entertain himself for quite awhile before he gets board. He usually goes to bed with no problem and awakes with a smile on his face. He now weights 14lb2oz and is 24 inches and something tall(the nurse told Jimmy and he didn't remember).

Karter can roll from his back to his stomach, I think he might be left handed he seems to use that one more but not sure yet. He can also hold his head up at a 90 degree angle but like Kolton does not like to be on his stomach too long. He wants to sit up so bad and tries to fling himself forward if in a reclining position, he won't lay like this for long before he starts to fuss. He likes to watch TV a lot. He also has two teeth that are trying to come through they are not as far in as Koltons and if I didn't mention it before they are both on the bottom on both boys. Karter eats well but he eats slow it sometimes takes 40 mins for him to eat his bottle. He is also eating solids but began to get fussy today when I tried to give him some. Karter is having some sleep issues that seem to be getting better slowly. He does not usually go to bed as easily as Kolton you have to rock him before bed. He is still waking two times a night, last week it was three, hopefully it will stay at two or less. I had to separate them because he was waking Kolton up all the time. They don't seem to care one bit. Kolton is now in their room and Karter is still in ours I hope to soon move him to his own room as well. Karter sometimes won't nap all day. He will get up at 6:00 or so and only take a small cat nap. This makes for a very exhausting day for him and me. Karter is a very busy boy. He will not entertain himself for very long before he begins to fuss. He seems to get board easily, he is very nosey and wants to know what is going on all the time. I assume this is why he does not nap well. He is also reaching for things and putting them in his mouth. Karter is a flirt and likes to smile a lot as long as he is getting what he wants. He weights 14lbs and is also 24 and something tall. Something exciting but scary is that at his doctor visit on Tuesday the doctor wrote a script to discontinue his apnea monitor. Now this is scary and great at the same time. Great because he is now like a "normal" baby no preemie equipment left over but scary because those two little green flashing lights become your best friend. Want to know if he's breathing, just look for the green lights. This has of course sent us in a quest to find devices on the market that alarm is there is no movement for at least 20 seconds.

Both kids are growing and I look forward to the coming months of sitting and crawling and interacting more with each other.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just wanted to add

that Karter is NOT on the floor in that picture. His swing did not fall over. My Mom called worried that he had fallen out and we just stood there taking pictures(silly Mom hehe). He just shifted side ways in the swing.

Monday, January 15, 2007

How did that happen?

Karter had not taken a nap all day when he finally fell asleep in his swing I was relieved, but shortly after he began to cry and he kind of sounded scared this is what i found when I went into the room.

After this he would not go back to sleep. He has been up since 5:45am with only about a 30 min nap this AM when Jimmy was feeding him.

I was actually reading another blog where her son fell out of his swing and he was strapped in I can only assume this is how it happened.

Also I am starting something new I have seen on other websites, it's basically a picture a day thing. To see it click on the link to the right titled A Picture A Day For You. We will see how long I can keep this up. I thought it was a neat idea.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So Lucky

My kids are so lucky. They have so many people who love them and prayed and pray for their well being. I was thinking the other day that not many people have a great-great-great Aunt alive and although she has never gotten to see them in real life she has seen pictures. She was married to one of the other set of twins in the family. My great-great grandfather was a twin. He would have loved to see the boys, unfortunately he passed away 3 years ago, but he left his mark. That is on my mothers side, on my fathers side the are 5th generations, how many people have 5 generations alive in their family? No one else that I know of. Not to mention that they have 3 sets of grandparents to spoil them, not two like most but 3.

This is Nanny and Granddad they live in Illinois and came to visit for Christmas. They wished they lived closer and so do we.

This is Nanie and Papa, they live about 30 miles away and come to visit on the weekends.

This is Nana and Papa, they live about 45 miles away and visit often.This is also an old picture taken just days after they came home. We need to get a more recent picture.

Then there is Great Grandma (G-Ma) my mom's Mom.

And Great Grandma(MiMi)On the left,My Dad's Mom and Great-Great Grandma(Mamaw)my Dad's Mom's Mom.

Not to mention Aunts and Uncles and friends that are crazy about them. See what I mean they are lucky and blessed, they are going to be spoiled rotten I tell you.

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Things

Both Kolton and Karter have done new things this week. First off we tried cereal for the first time on Wednesday. Karter loved it, Kolton is ok with it but still needs practice. Karter knows that when we get in the highchair we are going to eat cereal. He gets excited and eats all that I give him. He watches every move you make with your own food and wanted to drink out of my cup today. I let him have a sip, it was just water and he opened his mouth and swallowed like he has done all this before. Tonight Kolton rolled over. He did it several times from his stomach to his back, left and right. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of either milestone. I will have to get them later and post them, I was unprepared. Another thing and hopefully it will stay this way is that they went to sleep without too much hassle. Hopefully the repetitive routine is paying off.

At 7:30 we get our jammies on, move to the bedroom, read a book, take a bottle or however much of it they want and tonight we tried a little music (Thanks mom for the CD's they seem to like them) and Karter gets rocked and Kolton gets held until they drift off to sleep hopefully by 8:30 or so. No one woke up this time and they are still sleeping. Next step is hopefully actually sleeping through the night so far they still get up twice.

We are having some problems with napping during the day though. I have only been able to get them to take one nap and that's if I'm lucky. They won't take it in their crib they want it in their swings, when they do nap it's for 2-3 hours a much needed break for momma. If they don't nap momma gets very tired herself and somewhat cranky. Karter is turning out to have a very strong personality. He does not like to just lay there in his bed and be content like Kolton he throws a giant fit and will cry for hours if I let him. This morning when I took a shower he cried the whole time, well actually he threw a fit with stiff legs and all, when I got him out after I was done to dress him he looked at me and began to cry, made me feel terrible, but I cannot hold him all the time and he was not hurt, hungry, or wet just mad. Poor Kolton managed to fall asleep and take a small nap during his fit.

Next thing we are going to work on is moving them to their own room, they are still in our room and every little move we make makes them stir, just getting in to bed takes 10 mins.

At times I get really frustrated. I have to take a step back tell myself they are just babies and I am very blessed to have them. Some babies who were born so early have all kinds of problems and health issues some don't even make it. Mine are fine and just acting like babies spoiled and all.



Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Kolton and Karter have begun to notice each other. Up until now they really paid no attention to each other but each day they are becoming more aware. Several days ago they began reaching out to one another and smiling. This past week they have really began to develop. They are reaching and grabbing wanting to interact more, watching us as we eat, trying to sit up and wanting to stand on their feet. They however have not wanted to take a nap even though they are dead tired. I'm lucky if I can even get them to take a short one here lately and that has been hard because they are demanding attention. They had been sleeping longer at night only getting up once but here this last week they are getting up twice. I assume they are having a growth spurt or something to that affect. I did try some rice cereal. Karter liked it Kolton is not too sure. I believe after this next Doctors appt. we will began try other foods.

Kolton giggling at his Papa.

OK there where several other pictures I wanted to post but blogger is being difficult and I have tried several times and it has failed so I will have to do that later. At least I got two up though.