Friday, June 27, 2008

Comments made to me about my twins.

While working at my garage sale last Saturday, a women overheard me saying I had twins.

Lady: "Oh you have twins"
Me: "yes two boys"
Lady: "Are they Identical?"
Me: "no fraternal"
Lady: "hmm, that's too bad, I like for them to be identical"
Me: ???(under my breath, sorry to disappoint)

While in Dollar General Yesterday.

Lady: "What is the age difference of your boys?"
Me: "They are twins"
Lady: "oh I was going to ask that then I thought the dark haired one was older" (I get this statement a lot)
Me: "nope their twins"
Lady: "That's called fraternal right?" "They really do look alike, well except for their hair color"
Me: "haha, thank you"

First she said they don't look alike then she said they do. Really they don't, they just look like brothers. Why do people assume if they were born on the same day they have to look alike? They really don't get the whole fraternal twin thing.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

March for Babies

It's that time again folks, time to March for Babies. As you may have noticed I have placed my fund raising gadget on the sidebar of my page. This year I have a lower goal quite simply because I'm not the ambassador family this year and I am not sure what kind of goal to set for my team. I chose $300. I figure surely I can raise $300, right? If I raise more that would be awesome but $300 is a nice place to start. In a few days I will be posting how the March of Dimes helped Kolton and Karter as well as some more information about the March of Dimes. This organization is near and dear to me not only for what they do, but for what they did for my boys. If you can donate it would be greatly appreciated, any amount is fine. If that's not possible, just spread the word, tell others about the March of Dimes. Knowledge is priceless and every penny counts.

It's partly because of the March of Dimes that my kids are alive and well and doing their favorite things. Like playing in the water.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Papa's Boots

On Father's Day I cooked dinner for my Dad, Brother, Brother in law and Husband. They along with their families came and everyone seemed to have a nice time. It was the first family get-together at our new house. The house was filled with laughter and babies, it was a nice time.

Kolton was having a blast putting papa's boots on. He would work so hard to get them on, walk in them for awhile, take them off and the put them back on again. He and Papa worked on this for at least an hour.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

23 Month Update

Ah, the boys are just one month away from being two. Where did the time go. Once upon a time I thought I would not survive the early days, with no sleep, and not time to do anything, but here I am, two years later. Let me just clarify I'm so glad the earlier days are over. While I do have some fond memories of those days, mostly not and while some really enjoy having small infants, I did not. Now don't get me wrong, I loved them dearly would do anything for them, and I did, but I just prefer these days over those. As a matter of fact I knew I would, while I like babies, I've never been a big baby person, I like toddlers. They are funny and fun, and boy do they wear you out, in a running after them, laughing a lot kind of way.

Kolton-At last weight in about a month ago he was 27lbs, he feels much heavier to me now but I have not weighted him in a while. He's pretty laid back and will play contently by himself most times. He seems to be more of a mama's boy lately. He can communicate what he wants and needs through words and for the most part I understand him. He's not very gentle with the animals and prefers hitting them or pulling their hair. All animals run from Kolton. He's very silly and will sometimes make funny faces at us. He understands pretty much everything I ask of him or tell him, which still surprises me sometimes. He has the most beautiful brown eyes, they are so dark and he just get more handsome the older he gets. Not that I'm biased or anything.

Karter- At last weight he was 26lbs that was also a month or so ago. Karter is not really laid back as a matter of fact he can get pretty uptight and usually does so on a daily basis. He is a daddy's boy and love to do all the things daddy does. Daily he begs to play with the phone, computer, keys, outside and to mow. If either one of those are met with a no, which they usually are, then a meltdown ensues. However, when you do say yes, which he usually get to do one of these things daily, just not at the time he want to do them, he is the happiest kid alive. He LOVES the water or should I say water hose. We bought a kiddie pool just last night and will see if he likes that tonight. Karter is using 3 word sentences now. Just yesterday he said to me and Jimmy "Kolton play water" which was correct because Kolton was playing in the sink. He's always saying "mommy eat", "daddy eat", "Kolton eat" and so on. He's one smart cookie. He has the most beautiful smile and his little mouth just makes you want to kiss him all over. Although he was the baby face of the two, he is really looking like a little boy now days. I've got the two cutest kids ever.

They have really done so great through this move. I might write a post soon on why I think they did so good. I deliberately did somethings I think helped with the transition.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm back and here's my backyard.

I'm so glad to be back. The office is not fully up and running, but my computer is, so for now that's all that matters.

The boys turned 23 months old yesterday. I will write their monthly post in a day or two.

For now I thought I would share some pictures of my backyard. We are currently waiting to put a fence up, which I will be so glad when it's done. I say waiting because we will be sharing the cost with two of our neighbors. The neighbor to the north of us has already called someone and the fence should be going up anytime. The fence at the back of our property will be shared with the guy who owns the horses. We are not sure when he is going to get started on the fence, as he is the one that is going to be putting it up. Some sort of fence that is safe for livestock but safe for children as well. Not having a fence has been no fun, mostly for me and the dogs. The dogs are used to being able to go out and run around the backyard all day if they like, for now the two little dogs are inside all day, unless I go out with them. The big dog is on a long line and he is beginning to seem a little depressed as he likes to run around too and has never been contained like this before.

With that said our view is just beautiful. It's one of my favorite things about this house. We have a bay of 5 windows in the breakfast area that looks out the backyard, and two sets of French doors, one in our room and the other in the living room.

The boys just love all the room they have to run around in and boy do they wear me out chasing them making sure they stay out of trouble until we get a fence to fence them in. They like to look out the windows too and both exclaim "horsey" when they see the horses.

So for now enjoy some pictures of the backyard and of course one of the cuties as well.

One of the three horses. My property line ends where that white pole is at. We have a little over an acre.

A storm rolling in.

And the cuties.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Update

Still don't have my computer up and running, as a matter of fact still don't have the office up and running. Currently Jimmy's computer is together on his desk in the room surrounded by boxes and my desk is still in the garage somewhere. I still haven't taken any pictures although I do know where my camera is but not sure where my card reader is at. I hope to post pictures soon, yeah I know I said that last time, but it's been super busy around here. We went from 1459sq ft to about 2500 + sq ft. We don't have a fence yet so I have to shuffle dogs in and out all day not to mention all the door have those handicap like knobs on them and the boys can get them open so I have to make sure they are always locked and can't step outside for a second without them opening the door. Our house is a new home, but the dishwasher didn't work and a repair guy had to fix it, just got that done today. The house has two hot water heaters, but the one on the boys end of the house didn't work so it had to be looked at yesterday. Still waiting on a part for it. My guinea pig died yesterday, she was very old. Took me two days to catch two of my cats, this required me driving to my old town 30 mins away. They are mostly outdoor cats but do come in to eat and one stay in sometimes at night. Both got out last night and I hope they can figure out where their new house is. So it's been busy and I don't see it slowing down for awhile. I've got a garage sale planned at the old house in two weeks then the boys 2nd birthday is coming up. On top of that I'm praying for the quick sale of the two homes we own in my old town, our old home and a rental.

Besides all that I've kept the boys schedule pretty much the same. They have done excellent with the transition and have continued to sleep through the night starting with the first night. Really I couldn't ask for anything better. My kids have been well rested even if I haven't.

So dear Internet, I just wanted to let you know I'm here, I haven't forgotten about you and I miss you all. I've made quick stops by several of your sites, but alas boxes call and I've not made it to all of them.

Hope to be back in working order soon. I know you are all dying to see pictures and I'm dying to post some.

Monday, June 09, 2008

A new update.

Sorry there will be no pictures with this update. I'm borrowing hubby's work laptop as my computer is still buried in a pile of boxes and junk in what will be the office. We have been in our new house 3 days, still unpacking, but we love it here. As soon as I get my computer together and my camera unpacked I'll update with pictures. Anyway just wanted to say we are here, the boys have settled well, no problems sleeping, thank goodness, and all is well.

I hope to update very soon with pictures to follow.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A quick update.

We closed on our new house today. We will be moving boxes all this week and on Saturday we will move the furniture and spend our first night in our new home. We've got lots to do, I'm sure I will be MIA for a while. I hope to get lots of pics but I might be too busy packing and then unpacking. I'll check back in as soon as I can.