Thursday, May 29, 2008


We had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We attended two cookouts and then on Monday we just hung around the house and later cooked shrimp and steak on the grill. YUMMY!

Lately everything has been about water. They love to play in the water, but it's Karter who gets the most enjoyment out of it. For several weeks now that's all he wants to do. If we go outside he is content in just holding the water hose even if it's not running.

Things have been really busy around here lately so if I disappear for a week or more again you will know. We are moving next weekend. Originally we were to close on our new house on June 18, but the bank got their stuff done quickly and said we can close sooner if we want and so we close next Monday, the 7th. Let me tell you we aren't even about packed and ready to go. Our house is still on the market and we don't have a buyer yet. It has been showing steadily, which is a good thing and a bad thing, because as anyone knows moving is not a neat thing. In any sense but I mean things get dirty, junk usually lays around and boxes are everywhere, but I haven't been able to do that because our house is for sale and I have to keep is presentable and buyable looking(buyable you like my new word?), so there you have it. This all make for a stressful situation, throw two toddlers in there and my 8 month old nephew and you have a bonafide mess. Wish me luck.

What happens when brother takes the hose away from you.

What happens when brother sprays water in your face for taking his hose.

Watering flowers at Aunt Jeannie's on Memorial Day

Monday, May 19, 2008

My little coffee drinker.

Jimmy and I love Starbucks Coffee, well not really coffee, Mocha's to be exact. Several times a week we treat ourselves to one of these. They have espresso in them and anyone who is a parent knows that sometimes you need that extra boost of what I like to call happiness in a cup. I go for the Cafe Mocha, and Jimmy gets the White Chocolate Mocha, that one is too sweet for me. I'm going somewhere with this story I promise. So the boys see our coffee and again as any parent knows your kids want what you have, they don't care what it is they want it. Kolton and Karter want our coffee. I of course don't allow them to have any, but I did catch Jimmy giving Karter a tiny taste of his, I was none to happy about it, I mean come on your gonna give an already very busy boy something that might make him busier. Anyway he did it(daddies always do things that mommies don't let the kids do) and believe it or not Karter LOVED it, which is bad because now he really, really wants our coffee. So the other day when Jimmy came home with our coffee he also came home with two little coffee cups. They were empty and the boys just loved drinking WATER out of them.

Here's Kolton in my shoes, I didn't get a picture of him with his cup, he was not as interested as Karter.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

22 Months

Today the boys turn 22 months old. This last month has been yet another month of language explosion. They can pretty much say anything they want or need now, however we still sometimes don't have a clue what they are saying.

Kolton's chin looks so much better, but I'm sorry to say it look s as if it has scarred. I plan to get some of that cream that is supposed to help with scaring and apply it. I hope it helps.
Kolton-Still the lovable bully. Takes things he wants away from both Karter and his cousin Collin. Usually he will bring something in trade and usually that trade does not go off very smoothly. Kolton says lots of things all day long. My favorite to hear him say is Pretzel. It's so cute! There for awhile this month Kolton had an obsession with an old tea maker I had. He wanted to sleep with it and carry it around like a lovey calling it a "tea". It's still hanging around but thankfully he hasn't paid much attention to it in several days. He is eating better now than he was last month, but now he dosen't really want to eat meat or anything with a meaty texture, I think it's all about texture now. With that said though he still does not eat much breakfast. I'm not a big breakfast eater either, as a matter of fact neither boy eats that much breakfast. About a month or so I kinda of got tired of hearing about the "Qune"vacuum all the time so after I was finished with it I told the boys the "Qune" was tired and needed to take a nap. Both immediately said "night,night qune", now whenever they think about it they tell everyone the "Qune" is night night.

Karter-Still obsessed with electronics. The minute Jimmy walks in the door from work Karter immediately starts talking about mowing and playing with the computer. He usually whines through a lot of dinner time wanting to do one or the other. He loves the mower and wants Jimmy to either let him ride on top of it or push it himself(never running, of course). He hears everything. The computer room door squeaks a little and no matter how quiet you try to be he hears it and goes running saying "puter". One of the new things he is saying a lot is "broke" everything that is not working the way he thinks it should be is broke. Karter has started liking milk again and asks for it several times a day. Kolton is not to fond of it, but neither am I.

Both boys have been going into their room to play by themselves or together for minutes at a time. I try to sneak and see what they are doing, but usually they hear me and then come a running. I've cut back on watching my nephew to two to three time a week so that I can do more things with the boys this summer. Speaking of doing more things the next few months are going to be super busy and I hope I can get enough fun time scheduled in there somewhere. We found a house we like and made an offer that was accepted. Our potential closing date it June 18. Our house is still on the market and has not been looked at in a week. This makes me nervous but our Realtor is one of the best in town and assures us that it will sell in 45 to 60 days. She says this is a desirable neighborhood and it's a nice house, so I hope so.

I'm sure there is more to write about, but I'm getting tired and I have a couple of movies I've been wanting to watch.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

First I want to wish each and everyone of the mothers out there who read my site, a Happy Mother's Day. No matter how your children came into your life, raising them can sometimes be a challenge and a hard one at that. The love and pride I feel for my kids outweighs any challenge I have come up against so far, I'm sure you all understand that feeling. Moving on now.

Today we went to the zoo right along with the million other people who went to the zoo today. Today all mothers and children got in free and just the dad's had to pay. We stayed for about 5 hours before we all became tired and decided to leave. It was such a nice day, a little cold in the morning but by mid-day it was nice, but still had a nice breeze blowing. The boys did great, didn't throw one fit and sat in their stroller nicely, when they tired of that we let them out to walk for awhile. I am going to admit to using (gasp) a "baby leash" and I feel no shame for it at all. The kids didn't try to run away, but it felt nice having it as a precaution in case they tried to bolt. You know when you have two toddlers a huge side by side stroller and tons of people around I would rather use one than risk my kids getting lost or hurt. I am happy to announce that a lot of parents were using them and no one gave me dirty looks, at least none I saw.

We went with my sister and her husband and daughter and later my brother, SIL and nephew came too, however we had tired by the time they arrived and only saw my brother for a few minuets. Some of the animals I really wanted to see were not out roaming their habitats as we passed through, such as the gorillas and the big cats, but we still saw and got some good pictures.

Ok I'm rambling now, all you really want to see is pictures anyway. So here you go.

Don't they look just thrilled?
A rare family photo.

I felt so sorry for this guy. I hate that the animals are caged up and some of them seem to be really be bothered by, this guy looked like one of them.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

He slept with a what?

On Monday we spent a little time outside after dinner. While in the garage Kolton found my old tea maker, that I plan on selling in my next garage sell. He immediately wanted it and carried it around for the rest of the evening. When I announced that it was time for bed, he grabbed the tea maker, said "tea" and headed to bed. He cried when I tried to take it away from him, so Jimmy tied the cord into a bunch of knots so he couldn't get it wrapped around his neck and he laid down and went to sleep. I went back a short time later to get it out of his bed and this is what I found.

Friday, May 02, 2008


We have been b-u-s-y around here lately. Our has is for sale, has been for a little over a week, it has been shown 4 times and one of those times was only a 30 minute notice. This of course is not the norm, but I want it to sell and pretty quickly so I obliged. Can I just add that having your house on the market, having two year old twin boys, having a nephew you watch M-Thr, and having to keep the house in presentable shape or do a whirl wind clean, (which I did the other day in 15 mins) figuring out a way to get all three children and yourself into a car that is too small safely, and then driving around until the people are done looking is not fun, not fun at all.

We did however find a house we really like, and are making an offer tomarrow. Our realtor says she's pretty certain that our house will sell in 60 days, I sure do hope so. With all that said I have not taken any pictures in days. I also have not even started the new design for the blog for the month of May, I'll get to both soon hopefully.

So instead here are some pictures from last May of the boys.

Kolton-May 11, 2007- The first time he stood in his crib on his own.
Karter- May 11, 2007- Practicing his standing .May 12, 2007 - Carpet PicnicMay 18, 2007-Brotherly Love

As I look back at these I smile. Such a long way you have come, my sweet little boys.