Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cuteness and Grossness!

The boys are really starting to bond and show their affection for each other lately. The other day I went to Wal-Mart and I took Karter with me. I thought he might like some one on one time with mommy. Jimmy took Kolton in the other room as I left and before we got to the car Karter was very concerned and saying Kolton's name. He didn't really want to go without his brother. Through our whole time at Wal-Mart he was very somber. While Karter and I were gone, Jimmy said Kolton was looking for Karter and mommy. Once we got home all was good again. They will bring each other their juice cups or toys. They of course fight over things as well, but usually get along. It's very interesting and so cute to see them interact more and more everyday.

If I'm sitting on the floor Karter will run up behind me give me a hug and then start massaging my back or neck. I've been giving him little massages for a long time. I rub his neck and back and feet, he really likes this especially at bedtime. He has watched Jimmy rub my neck so when he does this it is so sweet. All you feel are these tiny little hands kind of squeezing your neck.

Now for the grossness. I did not see this but Jimmy told me about it. Last night Karter apparently learned to pick his nose. Jimmy said he stuck his finger up his nose pretty far, pulled out a booger and wiped it on Jimmy's leg. Hahah and ewww! Boys will be boys!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

20 Month Update

It's been a very busy weekend. Friday the boys had an eye appointment to recheck their eyes. Preemies can sometimes develop eye issues, I won't go into all the details because I've done it before on this site and because I'm tired and lazy tonight, but it just follow-up stuff we are doing. Kolton eyes are great and he doesn't need to been seen for 1-2 years. Karter will need to go back in 6 weeks to have a re-check. He had some dryness in his left eye, the doctor feels it was due to the drops they put in their eyes to dilate them, but wants to make sure that there is nothing chronic going on. So, we have eye ointment to use for two weeks and then we will see him four weeks after that. Both boys did and excellent job during the exams and there was only a few tears from Kolton on the initial entrance of the doctor. Kolton has white coat syndrome and cries a little when the doctor comes in. Karter tolerated all the looking in his eyes and the extra drops he got to help with the dryness. I've said it before but I have such good boys.

Now for the monthly update.

Kolton-I believe, much to my dismay, that Kolton is trying to give up his long naps. For the past two weeks he has awoken after an hour and starts screaming. Not because he's scared just because. This drives me insane for several reasons. Firstly, I NEED some time with all kids asleep during the day to do things like eat if I didn't get to at lunch, use the bathroom, fold laundry, check email or watch some part of some show the I'm not going to finish, but at least get further into. Not only is he waking up earlier from his naps than he used to, he wants me to hold him basically until Karter wakes up, which is usually an hour or so later. I don't mind this for the most part, but when he used to do this he would go back to sleep on me and then I would get to take a quick nap as well. Not anymore. Also I believe we are starting to see glimpses of the "terrible twos." Kolton will sometimes whine for 30 mins or more at a time. I've started asking him "are you whining?' To which he replies "NO" followed by more whining and me saying "we don't need to whine!" This past week neither one have wanted to eat all that well. The have basically stopped eating breakfast all together. I still offer it but pretty much it gets wasted. I assume it's a phase since they are both doing it. "Side"(outside) is the new big thing and they will both beg to go outside. I can't wait until it's warm and they can play until their hearts are content. Kolton talks up a storm and pretty much can say anything he wants or at least get his point across. Both boys have pretty much outgrown most of their 18 month shirts and have moved to 2t or 24 months, most 18 month pants fit, but are getting shorter and shorter.

Karter-Still likes his naps. I think he is going to take after his daddy's side of the family on this one. They all like to nap. My side have never been big nappers. Karter still LOVES all things electronic. If one gets taken away from him he goes into a stiff, screaming fit and when you try to calm him or talk to him he shouts "NO" and turns his head so he can't see you. It's not funny but then again it is. I try not to laugh, this only makes him madder, and I don't want to encourage this behavior. I usually ignore it and it stops if I don't make a fuss of it. He can pretty much say what he wants to as well, but is more quiet than Kolton as far as talking goes. He now takes things from Kolton and runs away trying to get Kolton to chase him. Depending on what it is Kolton will either run after him or whine. Karter won't eat fruit, but he will eat dried fruit and lots of it.

Thankfully,(knock on wood) both boys have continued to go to bed easily. Bedtime is 7:30 now, we brush out teeth get a cup of water, say night night to daddy, turn off the light and I sing them a couple of songs, give them a pat and tell them "night, night, love you, see you in the morning" to which Kolton for the past couple of nights has said "night, night" back and then I leave and close the door. They are usually asleep in 10 mins. I'm so thankful for this, but we have been pretty strict with our bedtime schedule. We do allow them to stay up for special occasions but those are few and far between and we have missed out on things because we don't want to mess up their schedule. However, it has been worth it because I have well rested children that aren't prone to mid day melt downs. They sleep about 11 1/2 to 12 hours a night with no wake ups and Kolton takes his measly hour nap and Karter usually a two hour nap. I'm always surprised when I go to walmart at night after 8 or 9 and there are all these children there. Most having melt downs and parents getting annoyed. I know sometimes it can't be avoided for whatever reason, but I don't understand why these parents don't see that their children are tired. I'm not talking about older children but young ones 3 and under. I don't get it and sorry it this offends anyone. That's why I sometimes have to go to walmart after the kids are asleep. I don't want to deal with tired melt downs especially in dreaded walmart. Ok getting of the soapbox.

Egg hunting and candy eating at nannie's.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7 Random Facts...about me!

I've been tagged by Lesley. I don't normally do memes, at least not on this blog, sometimes on my myspace page, anyway I decided what they heck, why not.

The rules are:

1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules here
3. Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself
4. Tag 7 random people at the end of the post, linking to them
5. Leave a comment on their blog so that they know they’ve been tagged

1. I got through the first two years of college with a partial scholarship, for trying out and making it as one of 4 vocalist for the college band. It was comprised of two female vocalists , two males, drummer, guitar players, and a piano player. We sang cover songs and traveled to area schools and events. I had a lot of fun and was sad when it ended. The bands name was Permanent Issue.

2. I married my husband when I was 19. We have been together for 14years and married 11 of those.

3. My husband is 9 years older than me.

4. Since a very early age I have liked older men for some reason. I remember being 9 or so and having a huge crush on Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery, love me some Bond.

5. I have a bachelors in Behavioral Science. I have no idea what to do with it. I hope someday, and soon maybe to go for my Masters in Counseling. I might be one educated stay at home mom. With huge loans of course.

6.I try to get my kids to eat their vegetables, but I hate most of them myself. I've gagged some down just to be a good example though.

7. I never, ever, ever realized the love I would have for my children and the soft spot that has been created for all children just by having them. I truly wish I could save them all.

And here's a bonus. This commercial make me laugh hysterically. I love it, such a brilliant idea.

And now because one of my kids just woke up from their nap I tag everyone who reads my blog to do one of their own. Just leave a comment if you do so I can go read it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hello Money

The garage sell was a huge hit. Thank you to Keelan and Greg for not only helping, but talking me into having one to begin with. I mostly had lots and lots of kids clothing some adult clothing and household items. Are you ready for the total.......drum roll please....... I made 700.00 bucks. Can you believe that? My sister didn't make out bad either, she made 200.00. I opened the door that morning to let the cat in at 7:30 and people were already circling around and parked outside. We opened the garage door at 7:45 or so and were just bombarded with people. The first hour was utter chaos. We plan on having another one this summer at my moms house. She just recently moved back to Oklahoma and has lots of stuff to get rid of as well. Ok enough of that.

Yesterday we went to my moms for a get together for my sister Rylee's 16th birthday. Her birthday is actually today. Happy Birthday Rylee! While there I got several pictures.

Rylee plays the drums and when Karter heard her playing he wanted to play as well. Nannie is holding him while he plays. He is holding the stick backwards and when Rylee turned it around for him he flipped it over again. I guess he thinks this is how you should hold it.

Kolton wanted to watch but didn't want to play them.
My grandma with her great-grandkids. Collin and Kyndie. Look at all those blue eyes.

Today the boys are 20 months old. I will write up their 20 month post later.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Short Update

Just a short quick update here. I've been super busy gathering up stuff for a MASSIVE garage sale this Saturday. I've avoided a garage sale for several years now, but with all the baby clothing and equipment that has been stuffed into every corner of our house, I think it's time to have one. I'm not sure what to expect but if I'm correct it's going to be really busy.

Just want to share a quick story with you guys. Last weekend we went to Tulsa to visit Jimmy's dad. He had surgery to remove some cancer, thankfully everything seems to be going really well and they think they got it all. Get better soon Nana's Papa! Anyway the drive it 2 hrs long one way. The boys did excellent, neither cried or fussed and neither slept on the way there. In all the drive there was more like 3 hours because we stopped to get something to eat. That's the farthest they have been away from home and the longest they have ridden in the car. I was so proud of them! While there they charmed everyone and were so well behaved in the hospital room. My kids are so awesome, I must be doing something right. These kids have manners I tell you! Go me or us I should say! On the way back they slept for a little while, but they woke up when we stopped for ice cream. The only crying that was done was because I wasn't shoveling ice cream into their mouths fast enough. The stayed awake for the rest of the ride home and went to bed without a fight. They always go to bed without a fight at least for now and for that I'm so grateful.

Here are some fun pictures from today.

My three boys, checking out the underside of Kolton's bed.
I see you Kolton!

I see you too Karter!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Outdoor Fun and a Funny story.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here, temps where in the mid-seventies. You know what that meant right? Yep, it was park time. We went back to the small park that is not too far from our house. I like this park because it has a fence around it and I don't have to worry about the running different directions and getting into the street, therefore we can all relax and just have a good time, and a good time was had by all. They love to swing on the swings and Kolton without any prompting says Wheee, Wheee as he moves back and forth on the swings. After the swings they ran all round the park getting on or playing with every piece of equipment. Kolton went down the slide several times all by himself and giggled and said whee again. We stayed for about an hour and then we went to eat.

This is where the funny story comes in. At the restaurant, which I might add I was freaking a little over because everyone in there kept coughing I just knew we would leave with a horrible case of the flu and all kinds of germies despite my attempts with the hand sanitizer, but anyway that's not the funny story. This is. Jimmy had some broccoli on his plate and he gave each kid a florette or whatever you call broccoli, Kolton took one look at his and exclaimed loudly "tree" haha he thought the broccoli was a tree and he kept saying eww!, tree!. He moved it off his plate and Jimmy and I got a good laugh out of that.

They are starting to put sentences together, like "close door".

On a side note Kolton keeps getting these things on his chin that look like pimples. I asked the doctor about them about a month ago and he said they are not pimples but some sort of virus and to put an antbiotic ointment on them. I have been doing that but he keeps getting them. Anyone else dealt with this?