Sunday, May 31, 2009

Art By Karter

Karter created this in the family room a week or more ago. He was quite proud of it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Potty Training-Part Who Knows

Finally!! The boys are potty trained. It all started when Karter had his procedure on March 26th. He had a diaper on and was hooked up to IV's. Up until that point he had been wearing a diaper and pretty much had no interest in the potty. So he had to pee but they didn't want him to move for several hours and we encouraged him to pee in his diaper that it would be ok. He didn't want to and held his pee for 5 hours. After that point he wanted to use the potty. Of course we have had accidents, thankfully only one in public at the park, involving number 2. Thankfully no one was there and I had a change of pants with me and a potty in the back of the car.

Karter is still not to fond of number 2 in the potty, but he's getting there. He is in underwear 100% of the time even at night. He's not had any accidents in his bed at all. I'm so proud of him!

Kolton was a different story. I thought ok Karter is ready so lets do Kolton too, but he had other ideas. He would pee in his pants every single time and when I asked him why he would say his underwear hurt him, which they didn't. So I told him he could decide when he was ready.

It was two or three more weeks before he was ready. I had bought some more underwear and told Kolton they were his and when he was ready he could start wearing them. Then I let him pick out a Lighting McQueen seat for the big toilet. He was prepared and ready to go. From that point on he began peeing in the potty. They both stand to do this, which is great, but man I have to stay on top of that bathroom as they've yet to learn to aim.

Then a few days later he went number 2 and has not turned back. We have had a few accidents, due to laziness around the house. None out in public thankfully. As of two nights ago he is in 100% in underwear at night as well.

As I think back it was not that big of a deal. Sure cleaning up poop out of underwear is so much more worse than a diaper, but they learn and in the end it's so much easier.

My babies are growing up.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gone Fishin

If you followed my twitter(over there on the right hand side), you know that we took the boys fishing for the first time today. I myself have not been fishing in about 15 years. We had fun today.

The boys both caught 2 or three fish each. Kolton loved it and was all about reeling in the line and got super excited when there was actually a fish on the end.

Karter caught his fish and then he was done. He had fun but he would rather use electronic devices, like my iphone.

Thank you Jeannie,Hobart, Allison, Nana and Papa. We all had so much fun. Kolton asked at bedtime if we could go back and fish sometime soon.
EDIT: I forgot to say thank you to Paige and Bryan for playing with us at Nana's house. You wore the boys out and they were ready for bed when we got home.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little Sad.

I keep coming back to this thought. The thought that we would be finding out the gender of the baby soon, if not already. I've been fine with the loss of the pregnancy so far. I mean I've been sad at times, but mostly ok.

I feel sad about this.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's on Your Face?

The answer would be dirt. Jimmy was going to power wash the green junk off the side of the house and Kolton grabbed the hose and squirted the ground and got both he and Karter a face full of mud/dirt.

Monday, May 18, 2009


This my Internets is a Kaboing. Oh, you didn't know it was a KaBoing? Maybe you refer to is at a trampoline or even a jumping device, regardless it's loads of fun. We got the KaBoing about 3 weeks ago and it's provided hours of fun not only for the boys, but for me, Jimmy and my brother and sister and their families. We've all jumped on it. We had a trampoline, that's what we called it, when we were kids, however at that time you were not provided with spring covers or the handy dandy net that keeps you from falling on your head. You were on your own. Luckily none of us ever got hurt.

It's good to practice ballet on. Look at those perfectly pointed toes.

Or for practicing for the next Captain Morgan commercial.

One thing I've learned about the KaBoing is that it shows your true age. By that I mean it shows that you are no longer a young whippersnapper, that in fact you are an aging 30 something year old and in the case of Jimmy 40 year old. And yes you will feel the effects of doing that flip or all those old cheerleading jumps you did when you were younger.

Or for pouncing on your mom.

Or for taking a little breather.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's been sunny with no rain.

It's has rained 15 of the 17 days this month. It's stopped us from doing a lot of things. Things like getting our cellar installed, mowing the lawn, and mostly playing outside. Oh how the boys LOVE to play outside.

So today, we basically played outside all day. Jimmy mowed the lawn, I planted some ferns in pots for the front porch and the boys, played and played until they were filthy and tired.

They were ready to go to bed at bedtime and went down without any complaints.

I've been participating in Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Friday. I thought this past Friday was supposed to be children's room/nurseries and it originally had, but a few days before Friday she changed it and I somehow missed that post. It was changed to Guest Rooms. I don't have a guest room, yet. While our house is 4 bedrooms, the boys each have their own room, then the master and the 4th is being used at the office or what we call the computer room. We do have an unfinished attic room that we do plan to finish and it will either become the guest room or the office.

So I have nothing to show you this week, but you can head on over to Kelly's and look at all the other cool guest rooms.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Since moving to our new town we see a lot more airplanes. Our new town is just outside of a military town, we are over the flight path of the military facility. As a side note this bugged me A LOT when we first moved in, I have now become accustomed to the sound of the planes and hardly notice them unless they are super loud. And sometimes they are. Anyway, next to the military base they have retired planes set up where you can go look at them. As another side note, I had no idea you could actually get up to them I thought they were behind the military bases gates and was freaking a bit when Jimmy said we were going to go see them.

So after realizing that it was ok for the general public, I chilled at bit. It's been raining for two weeks or more and it was ugly and chilly this day, we didn't plan on getting out of the car, as we were just on a coffee run, but the boys had other ideas. That would be why no one is wearing a jacket and Kolton has on flip-flops. The boys didn't seem to notice and didn't want to leave.

We had to promise a return trip when it gets nice again.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Where I Live Friday

Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting a blog party every Friday. I'm nosy and I love to see in other people's houses so this is right up my alley. I decided to join in. This week it's Living Rooms. Last week it was Kitchen's, but mine is being painted right now, so I will post those when it's done.

Here's my living room. We moved into our house a year ago in June. I've yet to get it like I want it. I'm just now getting to paint stuff. I've yet to decide on a color for the living room. I do have some paint swatches taped to the wall, but I'm not sure or set on those colors. Suggestions and advice is welcome.

This is the living room looking in from the front foyer.

I also am wanting to put some new things on the bookshelves. I just threw most of that stuff up there shortly after we moved in. And I am wanting to possibly put some lighting above the cases.

This is looking in from the kitchen.

Hubby is a tech nerd so of course we have to have the big tv and the surround sound system, thankfully he hide all the tv wires.

Looking in from the back hallway, by the laundry room.

So there's my living room in a nutshell. Any suggestions are welcome.

Next week is children's room/nurseries.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Missing:Eggs and Brains

Lost one carton of eggs

Found one carton of eggs in the front seat of my car, the day after I went grocery shopping.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Karter's 6 Week Check-Up

Today Karter had his 6 week check-up with the cardiologist. He had to have an x-ray and EKG. He did fantastic on both, only saying he wanted to go home a few times.

Everything looked good. He will go back in 6months for a Echo cardiogram to have a closer look and make sure tissue is forming correctly around the occluder.

In 6 weeks Karter has gained 3lbs, no longer requires more sleep than Kolton and has so much energy. He has always been active, but required about two more hours of sleep than Kolton and he ate but now he really eats.

It's know that children with heart issues sometimes have difficulty gaining weight, require more sleep or tire easily. I didn't think that Karter fit into that category before, I think I might have been wrong.

I'm so glad it's over and Karter is doing more than fine.

Monday, May 04, 2009


We are a member of the Disney Club. I've gotten several of the movies for a really good price. I ordered a couple of movies that we used to watch as a kid. One of those movies was The Gnome Mobile.

It's a cute little movie about two lonely Gnomes looking for more of their kind. Both Kolton and Karter seemed to enjoy the movie. They would sit and watch it for awhile, then play for awhile, then watch it for awhile.

It brought back some fond memories for me. One being a song we used to sing to the tune of the song sang in the movie.

A little back story first. When I was about 14 my Mom remarried and in that we inherited an ugly silver Cutlass Supreme that we call the silver bullet and the junk mobile.

Hence the song the Junk Mobile

It went:

The junk mobile the junk mobile, riding a long in the junk mobile
sooner or later we'll lose a wheel, riding a long in the junk mobile.

I had totally forgotten about that until I heard the tune in the movie.

My all time favorite movie is The Parent Trap with Haley Mills. Little did I know as a kid and a younger adult that I too would have twins someday.

I'm glad my kids are enjoying some of the old movies that my brothers and sisters enjoyed.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Kolton's and Karter's Other Twin

Recently Jimmy's mom gave us some pictures of Jimmy as a little boy. One of the pictures looks so much like Kolton.

Of the two I had thought Kolton looked more like me. It's usually 50/50 on who people say looks like me.
What do you think?

Jimmy at about 18mo.

Kolton at about 18mo.

Jimmy at about 9mo.

Karter at about 18mo.

Me at about 18mo.

The pictures of the boys are not the best, but I wanted ones of them where they were about the same age as Jimmy and I.

Who looks like who to you?

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

Oh my goodness! The whining. Does it ever stop? The answer to that around here lately is not really. Lately it's been Kolton, whining that he wants a certain toy, most likely something Karter has and there is more than likely another just like it somewhere but Kolton wants "mommy find it".

I heard that the two's were terrible, but for us they really weren't I think the three's are going to be rougher. The boys have also abandoned naps for the most part. I do encourage a quiet time on the couch while we watch Barney and sometimes they fall asleep. However, I have to wake Karter after about 30-40 mins or he won't go to sleep at night, instead getting up a thousand times in 30 mins.

To keep the whines down and the boys busy, we have been going places a lot more. They love to look at wal-mart or target at the toys and vacuums and computers and cell phones, so sometimes we do that just for something to do.

Along with the whines, they are getting so funny and saying silly stuff. Poor Karter has been having some bathroom issues and when he wanted some cheese the other day he asked me "you think it's going to clog up my butt?" haha

Kolton has said some pretty funny stuff here lately too, but I neglected to write them down and now I have forgotten them. He has been a HUGE daddies boy lately. When he gets upset with me he asks for daddy. The boys are totally in love with daddy. He has all the cool toys and can fix anything. If it's broke daddy has to fix it according to the boys and he usually does.

Besides the whining I really, really like this age. I always knew I would they are fun, funny, opinionated, and more independent. I actually was able to paint a whole room last week while home alone with them. I used a ladder, had open paint cans and wet walls and they obeyed like little gentlemen when asked to do something.

Man, life couldn't get much better!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow. My laptop is dying and therefore that's my cue to go to bed.