Saturday, December 30, 2006

It was nice.

It was nice to have my family here from out of town. The boys where held and cuddled a lot and they seemed to enjoy it. There where some cranky times because they didn't want to take naps because of all the excitement but for the most part they were very good. I annoyed everyone with my constant question of "did you wash your hands?" but my goal is to really get through this first RSV season without them getting it.

They received lots of nice things for Christmas, mostly clothes which where needed, they are growing so fast. This morning they got their RSV shot. The nurse gets their weight before each shot and Karter weighed 13 lbs 4 oz and Kolton was 13lb 3oz. That's a long way from what they were at birth.

Jimmy got them TMX Elmo for Christmas. I think the adults enjoyed this more then they did. Actually they could really care less about it now, but in a few months they will like it more.

This is a picture of them on Christmas morning looking at their Elmo.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift given to me was born too early so tiny and sweet. Two baby boys were born that day, July 17 very early they'd say. One so tiny at just over 3 pounds. The other a fighter in his own right at 2 pounds 11 he tried with all his might.

Grow baby boys grow, keep growing away so mommy and daddy can take you home someday. They grew and they learned how to breath and to eat in their isoletts so tiny and sweet. Six weeks was so long to wait it seemed but great things take time to perfect you see.

They grew and grew and one bright sunny day they got to come home with mommy and daddy to play. Sleeping now so perfect are they, two little boys are going to wake up to play.

The greatest gift given to me was born on July 17th.

written by mommy


Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Pictures

We decided to do our Christmas pictures here at home this year, due to the fact it's best we don't take the boys out in public too much because of RSV and other illnesses. We tried over a two day period to get something really good, but it just didn't happen. We got one or two ok ones, next year we will probably have them professionally done.

The boys are just growing. They have begun to try and reach, they are not grasping things too well yet but the looks on their faces when they actually see something and try to reach for it is priceless. One thing they do not like very well though it tummy time, both of them will only do it for 5 mins or so then they began to cry and the cry turns into a fit and them smashing their faces into the floor so I just roll them over. They practice holding there heads up when we hold them on our chests, maybe as they get older they will like it more.

Any way here are our attempts at pictures.

They did not like this too well and took turns crying throughout the process.

laying under the Christmas Tree, still not getting any smiles though.

Later that night we tried again while they where playing with Daddy. They were in a better mood and this is the best one we got. So cute!

Then we took the family one today which I posted at the top. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy Blessed Holiday. I already got the two best presents anyone could ask for. Lets all try not to forget the true meaning of Christmas this year.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Watchin TV

The boys like to watch TV. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, however it allows me to have time to take a shower somedays so I go with it. They are doing really well. The number of alarms Kolton has been having has gone down. He still has a Brady(bradicardia) about every other day now at night or when he is in a deep sleep. Karter has begun to have them too when he is in a deep sleep. The back of the monitors has a read out of the heart rates and when Karter has had one his heart rate is in the eights and stays there for several minutes. The alarm is set to go off if it drops to 80. I have read and the doctors have said that as they age their heart rate drops to a lower rate naturally, closer to what an adults is, when they sleep it drops even more. Adults do this too, we just aren't hooked up to alarms. Anyway the point is it's not a problem as long as they look fine and recover on their own, which they always do, the alarms only go off for a second or two, which is good and shorter than when we first brought them home.

Now for some pictures.