Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift given to me was born too early so tiny and sweet. Two baby boys were born that day, July 17 very early they'd say. One so tiny at just over 3 pounds. The other a fighter in his own right at 2 pounds 11 he tried with all his might.

Grow baby boys grow, keep growing away so mommy and daddy can take you home someday. They grew and they learned how to breath and to eat in their isoletts so tiny and sweet. Six weeks was so long to wait it seemed but great things take time to perfect you see.

They grew and grew and one bright sunny day they got to come home with mommy and daddy to play. Sleeping now so perfect are they, two little boys are going to wake up to play.

The greatest gift given to me was born on July 17th.

written by mommy