Sunday, December 03, 2006

Watchin TV

The boys like to watch TV. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, however it allows me to have time to take a shower somedays so I go with it. They are doing really well. The number of alarms Kolton has been having has gone down. He still has a Brady(bradicardia) about every other day now at night or when he is in a deep sleep. Karter has begun to have them too when he is in a deep sleep. The back of the monitors has a read out of the heart rates and when Karter has had one his heart rate is in the eights and stays there for several minutes. The alarm is set to go off if it drops to 80. I have read and the doctors have said that as they age their heart rate drops to a lower rate naturally, closer to what an adults is, when they sleep it drops even more. Adults do this too, we just aren't hooked up to alarms. Anyway the point is it's not a problem as long as they look fine and recover on their own, which they always do, the alarms only go off for a second or two, which is good and shorter than when we first brought them home.

Now for some pictures.


BelleLaDonna said...

Aww! The boys are getting so big!! You must be proud! I can't wait to see them...sometime I will come home...Take care and thanks for this blog so we can keep up with their progress!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!! Man are you busy!! The boys are growing so fast!! I love the pictures of your outside adventure! They are so beautiful. I am so glad that you have this spot so I can see them everyday! Thank you for being my friend and for sharing your babies and your life with me!!

Love Becky

Sherri said...

Karter resembles Uncle Randy in these pictures when he was a baby.

Keelan said...

My little nephews are soooo adorable!! I love them!