Thursday, May 17, 2007

10 months old..

Today the boys are 10 months old. I can't believe that in two short months they will be one. I must admit I really don't think I will miss the infancy stage all that much. Had we had a "normal" pregnancy and then gotten to take them right home I might miss it more, however I did not really enjoy the monitors, although they gave me peace or the oxygen that Karter came home on. I have heard many a mom explain just how much she enjoyed when they where small babies. I enjoy this stage so much more. They are more independent and here's the kicker, they sleep better at night. Karter still gets up once or twice, but now it's not a 30 mins to and hour ordeal. Actually, and I know what all the material says about doing this, but when you have twins and you really, really need sleep you will do somethings that you did not think you would. Like for instance. I will now just give him is bottle in bed, he can hold it and when he's done he throws it down and goes back to sleep, this in turn allows me and the hubby some extra sleep. Enough about that lets move on.

Kolton:He is now a pro at pulling up and no longer spends most of his time on his toes. He has begun to move from toy to toy or couch to coffee table and will sometimes slide around the coffee table. I know it's only a matter of time before he takes a step. And as much as I look forward to this I also dread it somewhat, because that means he is closer to trying to run away from me. Kolton will be a climer. He is already trying to climb over the baby gate, over the dog cage, over his toy piano. This I am sure will cause him to get more than one bump to the head. Kolton is also my little over achiever. He is cutting 4 teeth on top all at once. This made for a very miserable week for him and us, but they seemed to have pushed though enough that they don't hurt so much. I did have to give him some Tylenol several nights in a row. He can now feed himself, but sometimes he doesn't want to or he gets tired of it, so I still feed them one or two of there meals by spoon. He pretty much likes anything you give him. I don't have official weights on them, but I'm sure Kolton is over 20 lbs. They are both wearing 12 months clothes because most of the 6/9 months are too short in the crotch for them. Kolton is going to be the bigger boy probably like is daddy. His hands a bigger than Karters, along with his feet, and his thickness in his legs. Matter of fact his legs look just like is daddy's. When in the living room, where there are gates everywhere, he is always moving. He's mean to his brother sometimes though. He will stand on him if they are in the same crib and if he is trying to go somewhere and Karter is in the way he plows right over him, causing them to both fall down. He always tries to take what Karter has and I already have to tell him no, which he seems to understand somewhat. Kolton is pretty much happy all the time, he talks a lot and loves to kinda rough house in the floor with mommy or daddy. It gives him the giggles.

Karter: He is my sweet boy, well they both are sweet but Kolton's kinda ornery. He is usually more quiet thank Kolton, he does talk a lot, but he uses a quieter voice. He loves his binky and it he loses it in the floor he will go looking for it. Karter just learned to pull up about a week ago. He's still not very good at it, by that I mean he can pull up, but sometimes his legs are too far apart or to far out behind him. He doesn't really get that he has to bring them forward most of the time so he stand there and whines for help. He is so proud of himself when he does pull up and looks to everyone to clap and tell him yay. Karter only has the two teeth on bottom, but has been slobbering a lot recently, however I don't feel a tooth trying to come in, but I'm sure one is somewhere. He still army man crawls, but has begun to use his knees a little more. I have wondered if he will skip crawling all together and just learn to walk. When he wants to learn something he will try over and over until he gets it. When he is having a hard time at it he gets frustrated and begans to whine. Karter is happy almost all the time as well. The only time he gets cranky is when there is food involved. He throws a fit if he does not like it, wants more, wants it faster or does not want it at all. Sometimes I don't even know what he wants. This used to frustrate me but know I offer him more, or something different and if he still throws a fit, I get him out of the high chair. He is also feeding himself and seems to really enjoy this. Karter will probably be the smaller boy. He is not far behind Kolton is weight or height but has smaller features. He has smaller hands and feet. His legs are not as thick either. I imagine he will be about the height of most of the men on my dad's side. I figure Kolton will be taller like his daddy's side. Fine by me, we will see if I'm wrong as they get older.

They love to go places and we have taken them to eat with us several times. This usually entails me not getting to eat and them making a big mess, but they seem to really enjoy it. I can't wait to see what the next two months bring.


Stacie said...

Isn't it amazing how twins crush your ideals and humble you. All the things I said I'd "never" do? Done most of them.

Dara Lee said...

I put the bottles in bed with mine as well. I actually get to sleep that way! Hard to believe they are going to be one, isn't it? They are getting big, you'd never know they were early! said...

Oh, they are yummy. I'm with you though on the infancy stage. We brought our girls home at nine months (they will be two next month) and this is a much better stage. For me anyway!

Yeah, I stopped saying "I'll never do that".....I do what I have to in time of crisis..