Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pulling up, A hair cut and cuteness....

Karter has mastered the pulling up and does it all the time now, however he has not mastered getting down yet. When he wants down he will began to cry and just gets louder and louder. I have tried to encourage him to do it on his own but most times he just stands there and cries some more. Once or twice I have seen him get down and land kinda hard on his bottom, I think it scares him so he doesn't like to do it.

Look what I can do!

Kolton got his first hair cut on Thursday. He did great and it was done by my Aunt Barbara who pretty much cuts the whole families hair, so when it was time to get it done, there was no question I would go to her.

Before Haircut.

Putting the cape on.

This is not so bad.

All done. Thanks Aunt Barbara!

Karter just came along to watch. As you can see he does not need a haircut. He needs some hair

Bath time.

Cute time.


Glory Laine said...

Too bad you couldn't have made Karter a wig out of the extras. Just Kidding. I really like bald babies. If you have time pop over and take a look at mine!
I saw your link from Sickolett.

lesleysmeshly said...

They are so adorable! All that hair, so cute. My son got all of the hair, his poor sister is baldy bald...but oh so cute.
Pulling up, standing up....and the fun begins!

Stacie said...

How cute with one who has hair and one without. We are still at 2 baldies.