Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas to all my bloggie friends. I hope each of you get to spend time with those you love. Eat good food, laugh often, enjoy life for there are those out there who are not fortunate to have any or all the above.

P.S. The boys may be enjoying snow later on. It will be their first white Christmas, hopefully the weather won't be too bad and we will be able to travel to our families house later on.

P.S.S I am just now noticing that I have been using 's on our cards for a year or so. After much research I think it's actually just an s. This is not the card I sent to everyone on that one I did put just an s. Someone who is not grammatically challenged can you tell me the correct usage? The hubby and I discussed this at large a few days ago.


Eva said...

Merry Christmas. I think you're right, just s. e.g., from the Millers. Because it's from multiple Millers, so you're using the plural. If you said from the Miller's house, though, then you use the 's. Hope that helps =)

Katrina said...

Hey Brandy,

Eva's right. Use s only when you're making a word plural. Use 's when you're making the work possesive. So if you said from The Ipock's home or something like that's Karter's toy. It was good to see you guys last night. The boys had a good time with your boys. They're all so full of energy, I really wish I was. The holidays this year have wiped me out.