Friday, December 11, 2009

Mr. Smarty McCat

Remember this cat?

One night a couple of weeks ago he wanted outside. He was out there for and hour or so and before I went to bed I called for him but he never came so I went to bed. The next morning he was asleep on the couch. I paused for a moment but figured Jimmy or one of the boys let him in. Later in the morning I noticed the back door to the garage was open. I asked Jimmy about it he said he didn't do it, then I asked him if he let Slinky in because I was sure he was outside the night before and now he was asleep on the couch. He said he didn't let him in.

Hmm... I began to wonder if he somehow got in that open door and more importantly how did the door get open. Then it happened again in the daytime, however I still didn't see how the door got open. So that set me out on a quest to see if he was somehow opening the door.

This is what I found.

Please ignore the ghetto pool, that we have yet to drag into the garage. It's been there for a month or so, but pretend you don't see it mmkay.
Also, that's Wow Wow Wubbzy on in the background.

Look at Sparky(the dog) he's all what the hell?


LaDonna said...

Holy wow! That's. Smart cat!

Keelan said...

hahahahaha Did he make you that sandwich yet or do the dishes? Let me know cuz I wanna find me a cat that will do that! haha