Monday, February 01, 2010

The Blame Game

Yesterday I found Jimmy's toothbrush and the Vicks Vapor Rub on the bathroom counter. The toothbrush was covered in Vicks and some shaving cream bubbles. I asked Karter if he did it and he said no, Kolton was hiding in his room and I didn't even get the sentence out when he said Karter did it.

We then had the little talk about lying and how it's best to tell the truth.

Today while taking my shower, evidently Kolton got the step stool out, got my gum off the counter and helped him self to a piece, however he brought he brother into it by sharing it with him. When asked who did it Karter said Kolton and Kolton remembering our talk about how it's best to tell the truth immediately took the blame but said I shared with Karter. Both had swallowed the gum by this time.

Tonight it's too quiet I don't see Kolton so I go look for him. I find him in my bathroom. He has gotten the child proof lock open and gotten into my make-up. There is blush and eye shadow on his hands, face and the floor.

When asked why he has done these things his response it always 'cause I wanted too."

Maybe this is paybacks for laughing at the boys when we were in the mirror house at the Science Museum the other day. Of course if they had gotten hurt it wouldn't have been so funny, but watching them bump into the mirrors was quite humorous.