Monday, October 11, 2010


Fall is my most favorite time of year. I was born in the fall. I love the crisp morning air, the sound of the trees dropping their leaves. I love the color of fall and tend to lean that way in decorating my home. I love the look of crisp whites and light blues, but I always come back to the richer, darker colors when decorating.

I loved this wreath from Pottery Barn, but not the price, so I made one myself.

Pottery Barn
I just got a grapevine wreath and a couple of leaves on stems at walmart. I cut the leaves off and hot glued them to the wreath. I like my version better, don't you?

I also dumped my dying ferns and put pumpkins in the planters. I love how they turned out. I need to get some pillows for the rockers and then it will be complete. I don't do much fall decorating in the house but I do like for my porch to look Fallish.

I'm just noticing the rug is off center and it kind of bugs me!