Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meeting with the Teacher and a Flashback

Monday, Jimmy and I attended our first parent/teacher conference. I'm happy to report that my former preemies are doing great in school! They are right where they are supposed to be. The teacher said they are a blast to have in class. Kolton is a jokester, which we knew, and Karter though quiet at times can already skip and snap his fingers.

She reported that they like to play with different kids, but always keep tabs on each other. They sit at separate tables in class and are encouraged to be their own person.Pre-school as been so good for them.

I went to their fall party last Friday and got to see them interact with their peers. They seemed to be well liked and unafraid to join in with the class.

These little guys who started out so tiny are running and jumping and making jokes and sticking wood chips in their pockets at school and bringing them home.

I've not shared these videos before. I don't even believe that our family has seen them. This was July 17 2006 , the day they were born. The video's where taken by Jimmy approximately 2 1/2 hours after their birth. I'd yet to see them and wouldn't for about 10 more hours.

The first video is of Karter and the second of Kolton both video's were taken with a cell phone.

They went from that to this.


Words cannot express how proud I am of them. For that matter I'm proud of Jimmy and I for making it through it all with our sanity and marriage still in tact. We make a pretty good team if I do say so myself!