Monday, September 18, 2006

2 weeks home and 2 months old

Yesterday the boys were two months old. In hind site it feels like it was two years ago. We are settling in to a routine I think. Feedings are going well and they pretty much sleep between the feedings, which as you have read are every three hours. Jimmy and I sleep between the feedings also.

Things I have noticed..... Kolton is the sensitive one. He does not like change, change or stress will cause him not to eat well and have more bradycardias. His coping mechanism is to just go to sleep and ignore what is going on. Karter does not react to the stress like his brother does. He will pretty much eat anywhere and does not have nearly as many bradycardias as Kolton. His monitor has only gone of twice since we brought him home. With that said he does not want to give up his oxygen just yet. The doctor lowered his flow to 1/16 lpm last week. He has done really well on this except for when he eats. When he eats on that flow he can't breath as well and will drop his oxygen saturation into the lower 80's, to fix this we just bump his oxygen up to 1/8 lpm when he eats and drop it again afterwards, it works well for him and he is able to eat comfortably.

On Saturday they swung in their swings for the first time. They both seem to really like it and where asleep in no time. I actually tried to take Kolton out and put him in his crib, he woke up and cried, so I put him back in the swing and he fell back to sleep. The swings are so cool and they have all kinds of neat gadgets that they can play with as they grow. Thanks Nancy for the swings, the boys seem to really like them.

On Sunday, they got all dressed up for pictures with Nanny, who had been with us for two weeks, and was going home that day. Thanks Mom for coming, it was a big help and a stress reliever to know that someone else in the house might know what they're doing with babies because we sure didn't. We have begun to figure it out though, I think.

So that's pretty much what we have been up to. Life continues to move forward as do we, as does the piled up laundry and the high grass in the backyard and the broken garage door and the clogged toilets, so off I go to tackle something that needs to be done.