Thursday, September 10, 2009


Jimmy here..

Well, I'm 41 today! I'm not really that much into celebrating birthdays, one thing I do though at each birthday is look back and evaluate my life for the previous year. I also take some time to think about how good life is.

This year I thought I'd like to post some of those thoughts now..

Overall, pretty happy with the previous year, my life is nice, I have a beautiful family, make plenty of money, have a job that on most days I can't wait to get to, everyone is healthy and pretty happy. Raising twin 3 year old boys can be a challenge, but for the most part, I adore each second of it, and I miss each second that has left forever.

My lovely wife Brandy is awesome, this coming year, I think I need to tell her how great she is a little more often. She's amazing really, I think she has one of the hardest jobs on earth, but she does it with almost no complaining, she ALWAYS puts others before herself, and she juggles a lot and she manages to keep all the balls up in the air..absolutely amazing. All the while taking really good care of a pretty goofy husband. I'm so glad to have her as my wife, I doubt there is a better wife anywhere in the world.

My two beautiful children, I'm amazed by their antics and by how their little 3 year old brains come up with things. I can see why the duggars have 27 kids (or something like that), they're each a little world within themselves. I think we'll stick with two though. I can't wait for each new day with them and on some level, I grieve each day that has went passed, they're each magical in their own way.

My parents of course can't be left out. My mother is a saint, truly a saintly women. You look up christian in the dictionary, and her picture is there. My dad, he's come such a long way over the years, he's always been a great dad, willing to do whatever it took to keep the food on the table, even if he had to work his fingers to the bone to do it. You look up "work ethic" in the dictionary, and there is his picture. Without my parents, I doubt I would be where I am today.

Oh well, maybe I will post again next year..


IF I... said...

Sorry I missed telling you Happy Birthday once again Jimmy! I am the worst when it comes to remembering and then saying "Happy Birthday."