Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh The Things They Say

Some funny stuff the boys have said lately.

*While singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Kolton one night before bedtime, he began to sing along and said "I sing it better than you mom."

*Someone put too much paper in the toilet and Jimmy had to plunge it. Karter said we needed to call the toilet people and if they didn't fix it daddy was "going to have to kick their ass!"

*Tonight after the boys and Jimmy came out of the home office(which we call the computer room) Kolton told me you have to have a ding ding to go in there. To which Jimmy laughed at and said he hasn't told the boys that in weeks, but they like to call it their boys club.

Tonight while putting Karter to bed he said " you have to have a ding ding to go into the computer room unless you are doing your paper thingy(scrapbooking).

*Karter likes to drag out old computer stuff. One morning he had the coffee table completely covered, I said Oh Karter look at all that mess, he said in an exasperated voice "I know".