Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

People I can not tell you just how happy I am that Spring is here! As a matter of fact everyone in this house is happy about that, right down to the animals that live here. Winter seemed liked it lasted forever, after the first snow I was done, but alas I live in Oklahoma and you really never know what you're going to get from day to day here.

We are coming upon the rainy season, also possible tornado's here, so I'll probably be complaining about that soon. :) Anywho, we've been going outside a lot lately despite all of us being miserable from allergies at one point or another in the past week or so.

The boys are doing great and really nothing new has come up with them. We have been telling them that they will be starting school in a few months and neither one is very happy about that. Kolton keeps asking why he has to go and when I tell him to learn his colors and numbers and letters, he says can't you teach me those mommy. Well technically I could, but I'm not a teacher or home schooler nor do I want to be. Plus they really need the interaction with other children, both socially and mentally so they can began to branch out on their own, without each other by their side all the time.

I'm nervous about it too. And my sister who works in a pre-k class tells me they need to learn to wipe their own butts. That's got us all a little worried, because how well can a just turned 4 year old really wipe their behinds? I guess we will work on that and find out in Aug. huh!

So besides that everything has been going well around here. Boring almost and that's fine by me. I'm in no need of drams right now or ever for that matter.

For me I've been cleaning off the last remains of Winter from the front porch and getting some flowers ready to plant. Oh! And wearing flip flops.