Friday, July 16, 2010


This little boy is going to be a computer guy or some sort of engineer. He has always loved all things electronic. If it has cords and holes for things to plug in than that's even better! Jimmy has tons of electronic stuff around here. He even has a collection of "vintage" ,that's what he likes to call them, computers. Karter loves getting these out and pretending to hook them all together.

Daddy, I think is a bit proud of this and lets him drag all kinds of things out, much to my dislike. However, Jimmy claims how else will he learn. I mean what 3 year old has seen an Atari, much less played with one? Not to mention all the other "vintage" computers. He's talked Jimmy into plugging every single one of them in, they've all worked and he's played games on all of them. Tell me who else has had an old computer plugged into their 50 in TV? I imagine that's not a common occurrence, that is unless you live at our house!

He brought every single one of these into the living room himself and plugged them all in.
This is the Atari that the boys are allowed to play with. Jimmy has something called a "heavy sixer" hidden in a closet so that Karter cannot drag that out. 

Funny side story. When Karter found the Atari he asked what it was and Jimmy told him it was a computer game he has as a kid. Karter then began to call it "daddy's kid computer", which was then shorten to "kid computer" when he took it over. He tells everyone who will listen that this is his kid computer!

I am forever picking up random computer parts up off of the floor and digging them out of toy baskets. So tell me, do any of your children play with any "vintage" things in your house?


Anonymous said...

yeah....his Dad and I! ha!!!

Twinmommy2boys said...

haha Vanessa I know I sure feel vintage at times. I can no longer give back rides or swing them around very much. It hurts my back too much. And daddy is a little more than me! I've noticed him hobbling around on one knee lately.: