Sunday, July 18, 2010

DYI Shutters and Window Boxes

On father's day, Jimmy built me these fabulous shutters and window boxes. Those two windows are the windows to the garage and looked so plain and bare in the backyard. They can be seen from almost every window in the house and I wanted something prettier to look at.

Sorry about the crocked picture.

I had actually seen this done by Thrifty Decor Chick about a year ago and I filed it away in my memory because I thought it was a fabulous idea. However, I didn't know where I would put them, that is until I noticed how plain these windows looked.

It was ridiculously cheap! We used fence slates just like Thrifty Decor Chick did and the total cost was about 12-15 dollars for the wood. I already had the black spray paint, and the flowers were a pack of 12 for 10 bucks at Lowes.
 Ignore the old push mower in the back ground. Karter insists it stays and that it is his. He actually pushes it around the yard "mowing."

Now every time I look out any of my back windows I see this.

There where some problems we encountered though. The boxes are super heavy and we had originally wanted to use some window box hangers, which you can see pictured in the above picture.
It was all good until, while outside sitting on the screened in porch, I heard a loud thump. The thump happened to be one of the window boxes crashing to the ground and spilling both the flowers and the dirt. So, we had to screw the boxes into the brick. I say we, but I mean Jimmy. After doing that, we've not had an issue with them falling down.


Cindy said...

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