Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day Of School

 Taken with my iphone

August 17 was the boys first day of Pre-K. They did ok. Both cried when we dropped them off and had to be held by the teachers and both cried when be picked them up. I had to send daddy to the car during drop off because he was getting very sad about his boys having to go to school. I somehow managed to not cry. I'd been preparing for this day for a year or more.

Kolton has cried every morning not wanting to go, starting about 10:00. They are in the afternoon class and have to be there by 1:00p.

The first days were very hectic and included a lot of hugging and holding, explaining that they had to go and that they would have fun if they would just try and no I would not be staying with them, and no I can't pick them up in an hour it has to be two hours. Because of all of that, this is the only picture we have taken of them. I hate that, but at least we have this one.

Today, Kolton cried on his way to school, but when we got there he took his backpack to his cubbie and sat down to do a puzzle. He didn't even get his kiss he begged for in the car. Karter kind of look at him like what the heck and gave me two kisses and went to hang his backpack up. When I picked them up. Karter actually told me he had fun. Which was a change because last week Kolton said he had fun when I picked them up and Karter always said he did not. Today the roles were reversed. Kolton said it's not fun and does not want to go back. Karter said it was fun.

Hopefully, very soon they will both enjoy it. It's not easy when your kids are actually begging you to "please don't make me go."

So, that and trying to stay cool with the 104 degree weather we are having, is what we have been doing.

What have you been doing?


Anonymous said...

It sooo gets easier! By the end of the month hopefully they both will be happy with going!!

Anonymous said...

He is tired when I get him and bring him home. He comes in and lays on the couch for 30 mins and then is fine! I'm hoping he will adjust by the end of August! But this week will be a full week for him. We will see!