Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Four Year Old Birthday Party Pics!

The theme for the birthday party was Toy Story. My sister Keelan, made the cake and it was delish. I don't have photo's of the boys blowing out their candles, but I do have video, which I hope to post at some point. Karter was really into the birthday song this year! The boys where so excited for their birthday this year. They kept asking when it was time for their party and who was coming to their party. Everyone seemed to have fun. I believe it was a success.


Michael Mock said...

Okay, those boys are completely adorable. Looks like a really fun birthday party, too!

(And, in the interest of not sounding *too* creepy, the chronicles of my own boys are here: http://www.mockwriting.com/Progeny/index.htm )

Twinmommy2boys said...

Thank you and DOH! I sent an email using your front door e-mail address, I'm not sure it made it since it's a subscribe email. Let me know if it does.

Michael Mock said...

No, it looks like Yahoo Groups ate it. (It doesn't seem to have signed you up for the mailing list, either.) My actual address is michaelmock at mockwriting (period) com.

Your husband has commented on my blog a couple of times, which is how I found you here.