Friday, August 06, 2010

Please Let This One Work

I've been watching Raising Sextuplets on the WE channel. Like Jon & Kate Plus 8, it stresses me the heck out. I know a thing or two about raising multiples. Now granted I don't have higher order multiples and I can only imagine the added stress it must be for there to be more than two, but I feel like I'm watching the demise of a marriage all over again. Except this time Bryan is the Kate in this relationship in some aspects. I'll be the first to say raising children is no easy feat. It's hard a lot of the time and it usually requires you to be unselfish and give up things such as sleep, and me time to do things that your kids want or need.

Their lack of team work drives me crazy at times. I'm not going to lie Jimmy and I don't always agree on what or how things need to be or get done, but one thing we always strive for is to be a team. I feel that's really, really important to everyone's welfare. While children do need to see some arguments and then the compromise that follows the stress that is in a divided household is felt by all. Even the kids, even when you don't think they know. They do believe me. I'm glad the Masches realize this and are going to a counselor, they need it, to work through some of those rough spots and hurt feelings that they are having. I would not for a moment hesitate to attend counseling if we needed it. To have an unbiased third party involved could work wonders. I'm no excerpt of course, these are just my opinions and based on my exsperiances as not only a parent but a parent to multiples.

I really hope they make it as a couple, they seem like nice people who adore their children. I just hope they can stayed married to each other!