Monday, July 31, 2006

Day 14

Today they are 2 weeks old. Tomorrow they will be 32 weeks old. They are becoming more alert now, both flinging their arms and legs around, both gaining weight (Karter 3lb 1oz, Kolton 2lb 15oz), and both waking up at feeding time, which is every three hours. This is good, this means they are more alert and aware that it is time to eat. Kolton loves to suck his binky when he eats and man does he suck it, I have no doubt that when it's time to try the bottle he will have it down pat. Kolton is still breathing room air on his own. Karter is still on just a "puff" of oxygen, that's what the Doctor calls it. We look forward to the day he catches up with his brother and breaths room air on his own as well. So, they are still doing really good and we have been told that if we reach 32 weeks with no problems then more than likely we are out of the woods, that's good.