Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day 15

Something must be in the air today, every baby in the room kept desating at some point or another. No one got too excited about it but alarms where going off in unison. It has been said that the barometric pressure could play a roll in their desating. I was holding Kolton when he did it once and it got kinda of scary, he didn't come up all that fast, well not fast enough for me, but the nurse once again said it was all very normal. Hubby asked the Doctor if they run the risk of cerebral palsy or another defect from the desating but she said no because they don't do it very long and if it goes too long, the nursed intervene with oxygen. It mostly happens when they are eating which we have been told is normal as well. I sure will be glad when this is all over and they are home and doing good. I am a little concerned with them doing something like that when we get them home, but I keep reading and the nurses keep saying, they don't go home until they have not had any episodes of desating or bradycardia for a while.