Friday, February 23, 2007


Sometimes when I see them I cry. My babies have scars, on their feet and hands all as a result of their early birth and the life saving techniques to save them. Sure they could have worse, for instance having a scar do to a life saving surgery, luckily and by the grace of God they did not have to have anything like that, but they are scars none the less put their by lots of pokes by needles. They don't know they are there, they don't even care but when I think about it, it makes me sad. This scar on Kolton's foot is a result of many heel pricks for blood gases. I remember how bad it looked and how sore it looked as well, they were unable to get the amount needed so he had to be poked and re poked.

Karter has four or five scars along his little hands where the IV lines were. I have them as well, where my IV lines where when I went into the hospital in pre-term labor. It funny how one experience can leave more than one kind of scar. For me there is an emotional scar and a physical scar. I hope both fade over time.