Wednesday, June 20, 2007

11 months-3 days late

On the 17Th the boys turned 11 months old. How can they be 11 months old already? People were right, time does go by fast. Lets get started on the updates.

Mama and the boys in their jammies. That's my dog Baylee behind us with his mouth open and his tongue out.

Kolton-He still only has 6 teeth. Four on top which he got all at once and two on bottom. He is a pro at standing and cruising along the couch and coffee tables. He even likes to push the chairs around in the kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen we expanded their play area to include half the kitchen, half the hall and the entry way. Pretty much they spend most of their time in the kitchen area, pushing toys and chairs around, looking out the glass door at the dogs and yelling at them. Kolton I believe has a pretty big vocabulary for his age, of course I'm biased so what do I know? He can say bye and wave. It takes him a minuet to get it going but when he does he grins and watches his hand as he waves. He can also say all gone when his food is gone and holds both hand up by his shoulders and shrugs when he does this. I have done this for a long time when they finish their meal. He also can say momma or mom, daddy, nannie and oh. He has said but does not say often, papa. He no longer eats baby food and only wants real food, which he proceeds to rub all over his head and most times in his eyes. I actually tried to feed them both baby food the other day and they both just sat in their chairs and cried. I am having a hard time finding things to feed them. I want it to be healthy for the most part. I try to always offer them a vegetable. They pretty much like all of them, but finding something else is getting hard sometimes. Kolton is doing great on his sleeping and usually sleeps through the night. They go to bed at 7 or 7:30 and sleep until 7 or 7:30. He still wakes up happy and ready to play.

Karter-He is currently getting 5 teeth. Yes, five, four on top and one on bottom, for a total of 7. This had made for some cranky days and one or two cranky nights. He is now a pro at standing and can also cruise along the coffee table and couch. He too likes to push the chairs in the kitchen and stand at the door yelling at the dogs. Karter can now clap, something his brother has not done yet. One thing I have noticed about him this week is he is aware of when he needs to do number 2. Several times I have watched him crawl into the kitchen sit in the middle of the floor all by himself and do his business. If you look at him and ask him what he is doing he just smiles. Silly boy! Karter also likes to eat, but does not want baby food. He still wakes up one to two times a night and pretty much demands a bottle at least one of those times. He really likes his bottle and his binky. I can handle one or two times a night for a short time, he never stays awake very long and usually I hand him the bottle and go back to bed. Speaking of sleep, Jimmy and I have started switching nights, for example I take both babies one night and he the next. Up until now we had switched babies each night meaning he takes Karter I take Kolton and the next night switch, but with them sleeping better the new way works out better because one of us gets a full nights sleep. Ahhh sleep. Karter can say momma, daddy, nannie and I swear the other day he said doggie. He likes to whisper daddy, it's so cute.

No weights on them until the 20Th of July. I'm sure they are both over 20lbs now so they will be able to turn their seats around when they are one. Yay, they will be happy to be able to see something other than the back of the seat.
Fathers day was nice, we did exactly what daddy wanted to do, which was nothing, but lounge around. I wanted to get a picture, but Jimmy wouldn't let me. He said had he know I wanted to do that he would have shaved because he hadn't done so in a few days and put on something nicer. Oh well.

First time in the pool. They both liked it a lot.


catspaw said...

WOW!! They change so fast. They are so busy now. I bet it is so cute when they are yelling at the dogs. It would crack me up. I love the pool picture as well. I bet they loved that and it would be hard not to get in with them.

Love Boo

David Shaw said...

Hi guys this is your cousins David and Katrina. I think Barbara gave us your site address. Your boys are adorable.

We have started a family blog called The Shaw Four. Come by and visit. Hope to see you soon.

David and Katrina

lesleysmeshly said...

So, so cute. I love the picture in the pool. We're taking ours swimming for the first time this weekend, should be fun. Time for you start planning their first birthday party! Time flies!!

Stephanie Dawn said...

I love love love these pictures they are too cute! Especially you with the boys.