Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some fun stuff....

This week the boys got to do some things that they have never gotten to do before. First off they got to eat a sucker. Now they each had a lick or two of sucker a week or so back when Kolton got his first haircut and that was his treat. That was the first time they had tasted a sucker, however they each got there own and we finally had to take Kolton's away because that boy put the hurt on the sucker and had it down to a little nub. I distracted him and daddy took it away. I have this fear that the stick will break off and the sucker will go down his throat. Lets just say they will not be getting this treat often, but they sure did enjoy it and we enjoyed watching them.



Today we went to the park. It's starting to get pretty hot here. 91 degrees today and we decided we better take them to the park for the first time before it gets too hot. With Karter having eczema we don't really want him to get too hot because it caused it to get worse, or so it appears. They seemed to really enjoy it and when we got on the swings they were both all giggles.



All you other preemie moms will probably understand this. When I saw this toy I thought, "my gosh that thing is probably covered in RSV laden germs", but alas I have to stop sheltering them so much and let them get dirty every now and then.

The Boys

Daddy and his little men.

And on a side note, for two nights they have sleep all night long. Oh gory be can it be for real! I hope it lasts but you know how that goes.


Dara Lee said...

I DO know hwo that goes. But two nights is the beginning of... something. My first one slept so good once he started sleeping through, the twins not so much.

You are much braver than I, I still want to mash their peas for them.

Eva said...

Congrats on the sleep. So, so jealous.

I hear you on the germs in public places, though with our kids in daycare now, there's not much I can do. I watch them swap germs all day long. I keep trying to convince myself they're building their immune systems.

Eva said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Worth asking your DR about the dark patch next time you have a regular appointment. Our doc said it was common to have some baby tooth abnormalities in twins because it can be caused by stress in pregnancy.She said we could see a pediatric dentist but probably would say not to worry, so we're just going to watch to make sure it doesn't get worse and go from there.

catspaw said...

Hey Stranger!!

Man they are so beautiful. I bet the park was so fun. They are big enough now you can really start playing with them!! Tell them Boo loves them. Love you too!!

Aunt Boo