Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Kolton and Karter!

We made it. At times it felt like we wouldn't but we did and it just keeps getting better from here. I have a whole bunch of stuff to update on. First not only was it the boys birthday today, but it was also the kickoff meeting for the March of Dimes in my area. I gave my speech today, got my information for WalkAmerica and will be setting up my sites there soon. On the March of Dimes site you will be able to donate to the March of Dimes. When I get it set up I will post a link and more information to where your money goes and how you can help.

First off I can't believe in just one short year we went from this

Karter 3 days old

Kolton 3 days old

To this.

1 year old

This, as I have said before has been the most happiest, saddest, loneliest, overwhelming year of my life. I had no idea the amount of suffering and heartache Jimmy and I would endure. I had no idea of the number of premature babies or babies with birth defects where born on a day. I have seen first hand as I'm sure others of you out there have witnessed the sadness that goes on in the NICU. Fortunately and Praise God my story has turned out to be a positive one, but many are not and I have witnessed those. I am glad that I am aware of it now, it gives me the dedication I need to work with the March of Dimes, but on another level I wish I had the naivete that I had before I went through all this. It is not easy knowing that everyday babies are born too soon and may die or have to endure an amazing struggle all before their due date. This can happen to anyone, which is the hardest to understand. I did everything I was supposed to do during my pregnancy, however my body could not handle the stress of twins and had stretched to the max, thinking I was at full term and resulting in my boys being born too early. I'm not as sad about it as I used to be, time has healed Jimmy and I a little, but every now and then I will see a scar or a picture and it all comes back. The feeling of anxiety, worry and uncertainty.

Boy I sure am glad that year is over, now bring on the terrible twos.

I have more things add, like the speech I gave today and the boys one year update, but it will have to wait until later. It's late and we had a very busy day so off to bed I go.


Dara Lee said...

Congratulations! Two isn't all that bad, just remember to be more stubborn than your boys. It's working fairly well with our oldest, but then again, there's only one of him.

I just love the pictures! They turned out really well.