Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wagons,Cookies and March of Dimes..

I have a little bit more information on the March of Dimes stuff. The kickoff meeting will be on July 17th, the boys birthday. I will be giving a speech basically telling our story and I will also bring along a story board with pictures and such. Kolton and Karter will be there as everyone wants to see them and see how well they are doing. Jimmy will be coming along as well. Then sometime in September, not sure of the date just yet, I think the 28 or 29th there will be a walk, which we will be raising money for, I'll let you know more about that as it gets closer and I know more.

Now for some pictures. We had a nice fourth. We had family over and cooked out and played with the wii. The boys had fun getting so much attention and got to stay up an hour past their bedtime. We did not however take them to see fireworks, they where too sleepy and just wanted to go to bed, maybe next year. Earlier in the day Nanny brought over their birthday present because she is going out of town the week of their party and birthday. They really liked their gift and they will have lots of fun with it for years to come. We have planned thier party for the 14th of July and I sent out invites today.

Tonight after dinner I let them have their first Oreo cookie and they loved it, they both ate the whole thing.



Tomorrow we go for their one year old pictures. Hopefully they will turn out good, and the boys will corporate.


Stephanie Dawn said...

I can not believe how big they are getting!! They are so handsome!!! I knew they were about a month younger then Kaykay but I didnt realize it was exactly a month. I am sure they will love the fireworks next year.

Dara Lee said...

OMG! They look so proud of themselves, don't they!

Eva said...

They are looking so cute and happy. I love that wagon, too. And very exciting about the MOD.