Sunday, August 05, 2007

Updates-Rufus,March of Dimes and an overdue thank you.

Rufus Update: Rufus has Feline Hepatic lipidosis also known as Fatty Liver Disease. You can read some about it here. Hopefully we caught it in time. He did have to stay at the Vet's for 3 days for fluids and assisted feeding. I then picked him up and feed him at home by mouth with a syringe. I did this for a week and he did begin to eat for me somewhat on his own, then he stopped. So we decided, as his last chance, to do the Esophageal feeding tube. This tube, as I understand it, was placed in his neck with the feeding part of the tube ending at the end of the esophagus, so that the food goes into his stomach. I looked for info on this on the web, but was unable to find pictures and a description. Rufus's tube then runs from the spot of insertion on his neck, around to the back of the neck, around his ear and then at the end there is a little port that I push food through by syringe. I'm sure glad I worked at my vet clinic for 5 years, I not only have confidence in the doctor, since I worked with him, but I am not intimidated very much by what is required to care for him. He seems comfortable right now. My hope is in 4 to 6 weeks he will eat on his own and the tube can be removed and he can get on with his life.

The clear tube over his ear it part of the feeding tube.

Long over due thank you: I am embarrassed that I have not done this sooner, much sooner, but somehow it escaped me until recently. When the boy were in the NICU, the support we had was awesome, for that matter when I was on hospitalized bedrest my support was awesome. Friends and family pulled together and supported Jimmy and I to the fullest. One of those people who checked on us regularly via my dad, are a couple of friends he rides motorcycles with. They sent their kind words by my dad and it was much appreciated. One friend, Cathy P. even went so far as to make the boys these very nice blankets with cute little bugs on them and the boys names and dates of birth in the middle. I was touched to say the least, someone who had met me but not my boys had taken their time out of their day to make my little guys something so nice. Cathy I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to say thank you so much. The boys enjoy the blankets and like to scratch around on the little bugs, thank you again.

I'm not sure what Kolton has gotten on his, but I hope it comes out in the wash.

March of Dimes update: Thank you so much to those of you who have donated so far, we still are a long way off from out goal, so don't forget to donate, any amount, it all goes to help babies. I've rounded up some family members so far to have them place the little coin donation boxes at their place of employments and to their churches. I want my whole family involved somehow, all they need to do it remember why we are doing this and look at Kolton and Karter to see why I am so passionate about it.

Who could resist the two faces?

Addendum: This family needs prayers. I heard about this on the local news and thought it was an awful accident and how sad it was, then I was told today that the little boy is my aunts nephew. This was a horrible freak accident and the whole family needs your prayers.


Courtney said...

I will put them in my prayers right away!

so sorry about your kitty. I will put him/her (sorry, mommy brain... can't remember) in my prayers too!

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