Monday, January 21, 2008

18 months

It's been awhile since my last update. Sorry I've been busy. Jimmy was out of town for 3 days, in that time frame I had to take Karter to the doctor twice. And now I have some icky sinus stuff going on, it's so not fun.

Anyway here's the 18 month update 4 days late.

Karter- Last week I took him to the doctor for a possible ear infection. I had been watching him for a few days and he kept touching his ears, both of them, so I decided better safe than sorry and took him in. The doctor pretty much took one look at him and said he wanted to do some blood work that he thought he might be anemic. I of course was surprised by this. The doctor said he looked pale to him especially compared to Kolton. Well, yes he has always been lighter than Kolton, so I didn't think much of that. He does sleep longer at nap time than Kolton but he always has so I didn't think much of that either, however these are both signs of anemia. Anyway, we get the blood test and a normal count is about 12 the doctor tells me Karter's level is 7.7 and the doctor mentions it's very low and any lower and we might have to consider a transfusion. WHAT? Holy Cow! He then tells me he wants to retest the next day to make sure it was not a lab error, it was not. All the other blood work looks fine, white blood cells are ok, which I am thankful for because I asked about Leukemia, however that does not mean positively that is is not Leukemia, you know a doctor can NEVER say positively, but he did say he didn't feel we need to be concerned about that now. So we have to give him a YUCKY iron supplement twice a day for 3 weeks and then repeat that blood test. The doctor feels at this point that it's just Iron Deficely Anemia . The results should show improvement and if they don't then we will more than likely have to do some more testing. Testing of what I'm not sure, but I'm trying not to worry too much about it now. He seems to be doing fine, very active, eating well, and I've been checking the insides of his eyelids like the doctor told me too and I think I see improvement. So thats what went on last week. As far as developmentally he has taken off, literally. He has learned to run and run he does. He grabs the remote control and waits for one of us, usually daddy to notice and then takes off running and laughing. Jimmy usually says "that's daddies" and Karter will repeat "dads" and giggle some more. This is my junk food kid. Loves Ice cream, cookies, cake and bread. Favorite foods right now are, chili, spaghetti, and beans. Chili is his number one favorite though. He's saying new words everyday, although he's not as vocal as Kolton. Says "this" when he wants something. Says cracker, quen(for vacuum),I see you, bottle, Ba or B(for binkie), juice, eat, key, kitty, pee, yes, yuck or yucky, hello, bye, bye bye, cookie, shoe, socks, uh oh, book, nose and he can point to it, eye and he can point to it, ear, but has yet to point to it and of course NO. He may say more but that's all I can remember now. He has began to test us when we tell him no. Right now we have been in a battle of the wills over touching the baby swing, which he really only wants to do when my nephew Collin is in it. I have tried everything. Telling him no nicely, redirecting him, telling him no firmly, spatting his hands, time out and and lastly a little swat to the butt. As of now nothing has really worked, but I'm fixing to make a time out spot instead of just holding them on my lap in the opposite direction. I know this is going to pose new struggles keeping him in time out, but what else is there to do, I can't just let him do what he wants. Of course all the while this is going on Kolton is right in the middle of it trying to push the swing as well. It's fun I tell ya. Oh my little man trying to assert himself, when did that happen? When did he turn into a little boy a toddler?

Kolton- He's as goofy as ever. Always ready to laugh and rough house, loves to try to tickle people. Gives and receives kisses, takes toys away from his brother, but has also begun to bring him toys and hand him things he has dropped. I have even watched him share his cracker, though that has been few and far between. Kolton likes to scream and boy is it loud. I forgot to mention Karter has began to do this as well. Kolton says, hi, bye, bye bye, hello, yuck, yucky, juice, water, key, KeeKee(for aunt Keelan), pee, poop, potty(although he has yet to use it), cookie, cracker, pen, but it sounds more like P, B for binkie, yes, kitty, shoe, socks, quen(for vacuum), uh oh, nose and point to it, eye and point to it, ear but has not pointed to it, book, see you, and of course NO. I'm sure I have missed something on him as well. Kolton has not tired to test his limits as much this month as Karter has, but he does do the same thing with the swing as Karter but will usually stop before Karter does. I swear they really do think it's some kind of game. Kolton loves his papa,(my dad) but does not like for him to take his hat off. Papa is balding on top, sorry papa, and almost always wears a hat. Kolton has not really seen him without it, however papa took his hat off this weekend and Kolton got a real somber look on his face and shook his head and said no and handed the hat back to papa. It's funny and as long as papa has his hat on all is well, but if he takes it off Kolton says no shakes his head and tries to put his hat back on.

It's all about the "Qune"(vacuum) all the time. They talk about it multiple times a day.

The boys can trash the house in point three seconds, scream like they are dying and act like the world is coming to an end, drive you insane with their whining, and destroy their clean clothes in a heartbeat. It's all so very worth it when first thing in the morning Karter pats your back when you pick him up and Kolton will nuzzle in for a kiss while cuddling. Kids, their the best, I highly recommend them.


Kelli said...

It looks like your boys are having so much fun together! They are so CUTE!

I am so sorry to hear about Karter's iron deficiency....I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers that all test results show improvement....that must have been so scary to learn all of that.

The vocabulary your boys have is impressive! My triplet boys are almost 18 months, and not saying nearly that many words! But, it seems like they are doing new things at rapid speed now....each day new sounds like that is the same for you!

Take care,