Monday, January 07, 2008

Nice weather and the park.

We have had unusually nice weather here for the past several days. We're talking 75 degrees here, in the middle of winter! I've had to turn the air conditioner on for several days now, makes me even more ready for warm weather. I'm not a cold weather person like my hubby is.

On Sunday we took advantage of the weather and took the boys to the park. Man did they have a blast. They liked the swings, but after awhile wanted to get out and run around. Kolton, bless his little heart, was so excited, he ran around with his arms in the air yelling and talking at the top of his lungs. Made me feel slightly bad that we aren't able to do it more often. Karter ran around as well, walking all over the place pointing and climbing on stuff. I had no idea they could climb stairs but they both can and aren't afraid to do it. We stayed for about an hour then went home for awhile, then out to eat dinner. It was a very nice day.

"Ahh, nothing like the wind in my face and a good swing"

"I hear ya brother"This is a water fountain at the park that is not working. When Jimmy put Kolton on it he said "pee" he has been very interested in the word pee and showing people the bathroom, but when you ask if he want to sit on the potty he says a quick "NO".
Cute Karter"hallelujah, we're at the park"
Karter running the 100 yard dashPeek a boo


Stacie said...

I think we made it out on that same very nice day. On the one hand, global warming - scary. On the other hand, warmer winter... not so unpleasant.