Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Go Vote!

Ok voting is open at the photo contest that I entered the picture of my nephew in. Go vote for me and check out all the other cute photos. Go here to vote.

And wasn't that the sweetest thing, what my hubby wrote? I didn't find the post until well into the next day when I checked my email and saw someone had comment on it. I was surprised and touched because although Jimmy shows me that he loves me all the time he does not do so in such a public manner. You know he has a reputation to uphold and all, hehe. None the less it was much appreciated, thank you Jimbo!

Things are pretty much back to normal finally after not having electricity, the sickness and the holidays. I have, however, had a headache for several days now. I think it might be an earache or a sinus infection because the whole left side of my face hurts. I hope it passes soon because it's making me super tired and nothing seems to help it.

I'm going to try to resume posting a picture a day on this site. I didn't get very far with it last year, but maybe this year I will do better.

And with all that said I give you pictures.

The boys got these rocking horses from Nannie for Christmas. They like them a lot, but have yet figured out how to make them rock on their own, so for now, daddy is the rocker.


BelleLaDonna said...

Brandy, they are soo stinkin cute! They have the cutest, cheesiest smiles! I love the pics!

Stacie said...

The cute! The Cute! The CUTE!!!