Monday, February 25, 2008

19 month update.

On the 17th the boys turned 19 months old. I say it every month, but how can that be? I remember so vividly bringing them home and all those just barley making it through moments, but here we are, month 19, just five months shy of two years old.
This month like the last, has been and explosion of language. There are far too many words for me to remember and post, but they are saying thing all the time all day long. I was surprised by Karter earlier this week when I was holding him and I asked him where his nose was and so on, he showed me where each part was with a light tap and the he touched my hair and said hair. I did not teach him that, I was still working on the ears, where did he learn that? Jimmy said he didn't teach him either, he's so smart. Speaking of Karter he learned last week to move one of the kitchen chairs to the counter and climbed on the chair to reach a glass of water. Thankfully he has only done this once, but just the fact he knows how is enough to give me grief. They both have become very brave and stand up on things all the time. It's now a battle to get them to sit on the couch, sit on the chair, I'm constantly saying "sit on your bottom please" to which I get a smile and squeal and a little boy running from one end of the couch to the other. Both have fallen off much to my dismay, try as I might they are just too quick and still don't get the whole gravity thing. When does that kick in? Karter has learned the art of fit throwing, again much to my dismay. If he wants something that he is not supposed to have and you take it away he goes into a full fledge melt down that usually lasts a good 20 mins or so, no amount of ignoring or consoling works. Basically I have to distract him with something else, which may or may not work or let him cry it out. I've tried the whole, "now Karter I know your are frustrated and your really wanted that, but blah, blah, blah" you know the whole acknowledging their emotions thing, at this point it only ticks him off further. They both have begun to play more independently by themselves and together. Karter has began to somewhat not let Kolton bully him as much, and will fight for what he really wants, with not only grabbing and pulling but lots of screaming as well.

Kolton seems to be the leader, which we already knew, but he has started to take it upon himself to help Karter, with taking him his cup or his binkie or go and get him if I am calling for him. This is much to Karter's dismay this time(how many times have I used that word already). Kolton loves to eat, pretty much any and everything, but if he doesn't like it he will hold his mouth open says eww and wants me to get it out of his mouth. He has also started not liking things, such as too much dirt or food on his hand, he will say eww and wants me to clean them. They have both really started using their spoons and forks this month, both can use them but still use their hands a lot. Both say thank you when I hand them something and Kolton has even said please once or twice. Both have become obsessed with Elmo and want to watch him on TV or read a book with him in it, well we still don't read much, they just want to look at pictures. Kolton keeps ripping things out of the books that have lift up flaps on them. He knows he's not supposed to because he says "oh uh" and then shows me and tries to hide. Kolton is really into Blues Clues now. He likes books and the TV show, I got him a Blue stuffed animal, but he does not seemed interested at this point. Unfortunately Blues Clues has been on for 10 years or so and they don't play it that often on TV. All they really play it Dora and Diego and I don't care for either of them too much. They will watch some Backyardiagns, which I like and some Veggie Tales. Oh and they like Yo Gabba Gabba, which I think has got to be the weirdest one of them all. I won't go into details, but it's interesting to say the least. I try to avoid that one, but it is on the same channel I think has Handy Manny and they like that ok. Truthfully they don't watch that much TV, but there are times of the day when they will watch 20 mins or so here or there. I don't really watch that much during the day because the truth is I usually can't hear a word that is said or enough of the show to follow what is going on.

Look at his little finger on the trigger, he knows how to use it, this drill is about as heavy as he is but he insists on carrying it around.

So those are some of the thing that have been going on this past month. I look forward to seeing what 20 months brings. I also look forward to warmer weather. I'm so not a cold weather person I'm ready to get out of the house and play outside.


Kelli said...

I really enjoy reading your blog.....and especially since our boys are all nearly the same age, it seems like we are going through so many of the same things! ( the Elmo obsession!) But, my boys are not quite so verbal just yet....that is just awesome your boys are saying "Thank You!" have to feel so proud of your boys for all the things they are doing! They are so very handsome, and you take such nice pictures!

I cannot wait for the warm weather too....I am over the cold weather!!

- Kelli