Saturday, February 16, 2008


Guitar Hero's that is. I hate to admit it but this game is one of the reasons that I have not been updating regulary. Now I'm not a big video game player, instead of relaxing me they usually make me more stressed and uptight and I usually end up wanting the throw the controller. Back in the day when the Nintendo's just came out my siblings and I were given one for Christmas, I'm surprised that thing lasted, the abuse we put the controllers through, it actually had bite marks on it and I never beat Mario, any of them. With that said Nintendo has came a long way and the new game system, the Wii, has gotten me to like games a little better. Guitar Hero makes you feel like the Rock Star you never were or at least I never was. We have had it only a week and I have beaten the easy level and am ready for medium, which is so much harder to me. Anywho we are all fine, Jimmy and I have been jammin and doing our gigs when the kiddo's go to bed. We also got Dance Dance Revelotion as well, but I have not really played with it yet. It's kinda one of those games that you want to play alone until you get good enough so you don't make a complete dork of yourself.

Hopefully the new will wear off soon and I resume all the stuff I really need to be doing instead of sitting or standing in a toy exploded living room and kitchen with laundry piles everywhere.
And No Nintendo did not pay me to speak so highly about their products, although they could pay me if they would like too.