Friday, November 07, 2008

Don't Likes

Kolton and Karter don't like eggs, spaghetti, putting their clothes on, having their diapers changed(most of the time), Karter dosen't like to get in his car seat, he would rather try to climb to the front of the car and push, turn and spin every button in the car. Kolton does not like hamburgers.They also don't like boxed Kraft macaroni and cheese. I can't really get them to eat very many vegetables either. Oh and breakfast, I can't get either one of them to eat it.

They do like shrimp, fish, cheese(oh how they like cheese), pizza, chicken nuggets, real macaroni and cheese, Kolton loves tator tots and french fries. Karter love bread(that's like his mama). They both LOVE mandarin oranges. Kolton likes all fruit. Karter loves bananas. They both LOVE chocolate(that's also like their mama).They love to help me cook, even when I don't want them too, they push chairs over to the counter to get to whatever I'm doing. They play with the can opener, the toaster(unplugged of course), the water and whatever I'm trying to use to cook. It drives me crazy sometimes because I'm trying to juggle cooking with fire mind you, and keeping two little busy boys away from the fire and off the counters. But the number one thing they are loving now days is going outside.

For several day now Karter has asked first thing in the morning to "go outside" If you say not now it's too cold or wet or early he will cry and basically throw a fit. Until you promise him that at some point in the day, usually after a nap that he can go outside. He forgets nothing. When he wakes up from his nap he says "I go outside".

So we've been going outside a lot the past couple of days. Sometimes I find it boring outside, but they sure don't so I just watch them play and pull them in their wagon and then after an hour or so beg them to come into the house. Actually, if you just say ok time to go in they have melt downs, but if you tell them that in 15 mins it's time to go in and keep reminding them every 5 mins they are fine when it's time to actually go in.


Sheena said...


I thought that would let you know that I read pretty much all of your daily entries. It makes me fill like I know the boys through your writings. I enjoy keeping up with how big they are getting. Especially since Natalie is only a couple of months older.

I also wanted to tell you that Danielle is having a birthday party at the OBU swimming pool Saturday the 15th. It will be from 5 to 8. Everyone swims for the first two hours and then we have cake and pizza.

I was wondering if I could get some addresses from you. I need yours, and Rantz and Keelans. If you know them. You can email me at