Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Medical Mess and Rock N Roll

Oy, where do I start? A few weeks back I mentioned that I thought I was having gallbladder issues. I went to the doctor, he confirmed that, that is indeed what it sounded like but sent me to have an ultrasound of my gallbladder to confirm it. The ultrasound showed nothing wrong with my gallbladder but it did show that I had "spots" on my liver. My doctor said that it looked to be a Hemangioma but we would do a catscan of my liver to confirm. It was in fact a hemangioma and I don't really need to worry about it. They don't seem to cause any issues.
That's just part one of the story. Part two is that for two years I've been having back and leg issues. Recently my leg began to hurt so bad that I could hardly stand on it. My gallbladder/liver issue was going on at the same time so I wanted to have it looked at. Of course my mind began to wonder and think that maybe I had some sort of cancer in my leg and it was spreading to my liver. Yeah, I know sometimes I get carried away. Anyway, I was sent to orthopedics were they sent me to have x-rays on my neck, back, and hips. The x-rays showed that I have Spondylolisthesis. Basically my L5 vertebra is slipping over my L6 causing pinched nerves, which in turn is what is causing my back and leg pain. Sooooo, are you tired yet, I am being sent to Physical Therapy where they have put me in traction, hooked me up to some electro stimulation and taught me some exercises. He also added that I need to lose significant weight or face horrible back surgery. Um, so yeah that's whats been going on around here along with the typical stuff that goes on with two, two year olds.
I know I need to lose weight. I recently lost 22lbs, I have gained about 6 of that back, but I need to lose more, which as any of you out there who have lost weight before know it is no easy task. Especially when you have two picky eaters in the house and you seem to always be rushing around. Anyway, I have to stop the excuses and just do it because I DON'T want surgery.
Now on to the Rock N Roll. The boys love to sing they use any and every thing as a microphone. It's cute. Their cute.

Even with everything I've stated above I have to say I'm thankful that even though I have minor issues my body is still healthy considering all the stress I have put it through. I am able to see my to crazies sing and dance and jump and run and most times I can get right in there with them too. I might feel like a mac truck hit me afterwards but I'm working on that.