Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy Halloween 3 Days Late!

We started talking about Halloween at the beginning of October. Kolton decided he wanted to be a chicken. When I asked Karter what he wanted to be he said "nothing, I don't want to dress up." When I said well you have to dress up to get candy, it will be fun, he replied, "no, you can just go to the store and get some." He was dead serious. He didn't want anything to do with going door to door asking for candy, he figured we could just buy some at the store and by pass the whole ordeal.

As tempting as that sounded, Kolton wanted to trick or treat, and I wanted him to have fun, so I just told Karter he didn't have to dress up and he could stay in the car with me if he wanted, but that he would not be getting Kolton's candy.

He thought about this for a week or more and then one day he just decided he wanted to go too.

Thankfully I had bought two costumes, fire fighters, Kolton choose them.

We looked for a chicken costume, and I supposed I could have made one, but I procrastinated and didn't give myself enough time. When he saw the fire fighter get up he was all for it.

Halloween night Karter began to get a little scared and told us he didn't want to go, he said he was afraid someone might steal him. Daddy told him he would be with him at all times and he could sit in the car with me if he wanted. He decided to be brave and go on. That's all it took once he figured out you ring the door bell and get candy, he was literally running from house to house.

The both said they had so much fun and are already excited for next year.