Monday, November 30, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

Both boys have been sick last weekend and Karter is still running a low grade fever today. However that has not stopped them from being the little boys they are.

This post could also be titled why I love 3 year olds.

While walking by the Christmas tree today I notice this. I'm not sure who did it but they were sneaky about it. I supposed they felt it needed a little something else. I also need to add that both boys decorated the tree this year. They put almost all the decorations on. Here's the kicker I haven't moved a one. I left them were they put them. I figured once they were done I would move the clumped up ones around, but they boys were so proud I have left them.

The little green bulb came from this. It was thankfully sneaked(I thought it was snuck, but evidently there is no such word) out with nothing broken.

I found this in Kolton's room. A little blue watering pot with plastic dinosaurs and cars in it.

 This was also in Kolton's room. Drawn on his chalkboard.

And last, but I'm sure not least, was this little addition to the entryway table. It was not there when I left to run to the store.

I find stuff like this around the house all the time. Just today I had to dump hot wheels cars out of my laundry  basket before I could put clothes in it.

I love my little three year old's both of them and all their crazy, little things they do.