Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One of Farmer Ted's Friends

My son, Kolton reminded me of one of my all time favorite shows today. While digging around in daddy's stuff one of the boys came across this headband light(not sure what it's really called). Kolton rediscovered it today and put it on. When I looked up at him I immediately thought of Farmer Ted, from Sixteen Candles and his nerdy sidekicks Bryce and Cliff.

Farmer Ted(center),Bryce(left),Cliff(right)

There is a scene in the movie, to which I can not find a image of, where Farmer Ted goes by his friends house late at night to have his picture taken with the blond and the Rolls Royce. If I remember correctly Cliff has a headband light on his head.

While we are on the subject of Sixteen Candles I have to address two things.

Firstly, was this not the best scene ever? Sam runs into the church to retrieve her drugged up sister's wedding veil thinking everyone is waiting for her. However, when she returns almost everyone is gone, until she see him. Jake Ryan, Lord have mercy I has the biggest crush on him when I was young and I LOVED that car. I'm a car girl. When the last car, full of her family is loading she see's him. He mouths "hey you" and Sam looks behind her, totally something I would do too.

I still get a giddy stupid grin on my face when I watch it, like totally.

Secondly, this scene always stressed me out. I'm not sure I would do this no matter how romantic it is. I might have to opt for the floor or the chairs. I've always worried every since I was young that that stupid glass table is going to break or Jake or Sam are going to catch on fire or smash the cake. Mostly I worried about the table. Still love the scene though.

And of course, Jake says "make a wish" and Sam says "it already came true."

And last but not least here is a picture of Karter because he said "hey you forgot to take a picture of me."