Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 18

Today they both seemed to be doing better. Karter had a few desats but nothing like the last couple of days. Kolton did better as well with almost no desats. I asked the nurse if this was all normal. If it was ok that Karter's oxygen had to be turned up a little and that they both had to have blood. I wanted to know if it meant that they were not doing well or what. She said that Karter is following the pattern of a typical preemie, his brother on the other hand was an over achiever and that we should not compare him to Kolton's progress. That between the two Karter was the more "normal" pattern. That made me feel better because I was beginning to worry that it meant something was wrong with Karter. Once again the doctor says they are doing good and that's a good thing.

Today they also got to put on clothes for the first time. The nurse yesterday told me I can bring some for them, but when I got there this morning, the day nurse had put them in some already. She said it will help them learn to regulate their own temperatures. The clothes where preemie clothes and they where too big, not too long but too big around the waist. Kolton promptly got poo on his and I changed him into an outfit I had brought. The one in the picture is the hospitals outfit.