Friday, August 11, 2006

Day 25

Today was pretty much another day in the NICU. The boys for the most part were very well behaved today. Kolton tried the bottle again today and did not do so well, he did what preemies do and forgot to breath while he was taking it. This in turn causes his oxygen levels to go down and that in turn scares mommy and daddy and the nurses too if he does not get it up fast enough. Therefore we decided that we would wait to try it again for another day and have them feed him by his tube. Karter is coming around more than he was. Today he showed an interest in sucking on his pacifier more so than any other day. This shows that he too will try the bottle soon. They usually try in week 34 to give them a bottle, Kolton is a whole week ahead of himself and Karter seems to be on the more "normal" track.

They are so sweet and each day we see more and more of their personalities. Once again can't wait until they can come home.