Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 23 - Very Kranky Kolton

The boys had a good day today. They're doing very well according to their doctor. Kolton has been just a little ahead of his brother from day one and he tends to set the theme. Hopefully his little brother won't follow the theme he set today. Kolton got very cranky several times, mostly around feeding time. He tends to get loud and start grabbing anything near him and pulling on it, including his brother! He got hungry and the nurse wasn't moving quick enough and I caught him sucking his brothers hand! I tried to get a picture but they move too fast. I'm not sure about all of the stuff you hear about the special connection between twins but our twins seem to do a LOT better since they share an apartment now. We have caught them holding hands on several occasions even. They seem a lot more calm when they're together.