Tuesday, November 14, 2006

4 month doctor visit

The boys had their 4 month doctor visit yesterday. The doctor said they are growing well and doing fine. Kolton weighed in at 11lb 3 0z and 22 in long. Karter was 11lb 13oz and 23 in long. He ok'd us to let them sleep up to 6 hours a night if they wanted. This is what we have been waiting for, of course they have yet to do it, but just knowing that it is ok if they do sleep that long makes me feel better. We still have the monitors and will until at least their next visit in 2 months. They need to not have had any alarms for at least 1 to 2 months and both have had an alarm in the last month when they where sick.

Today Karter had his last visit at OU Med. Center for his BPD (bronchial pulmonary dysplasia). He no longer needs oxygen and has been off it for a month, so they wrote the scrip to remove the tanks and oximeter from our home, this is a step towards more normalcy, we won't have to walk by their room and see a 5 foot ugly green tank anymore. The doctor he saw today was the one who released them from the NICU, she was happy to see us and was surprised to see how big they have gotten.

I have gotten some really cute pictures in the last couple of days, since I know everyone likes pictures here are a few. Enjoy!

Despite getting 4 shots yesterday and having his blood drawn for a CBC and running a slight fever today, he's still a pretty happy and cute little guy. This is Kolton working his charm.

Ready for their trip to the doctor. They have grown so much since they where last in their car seats and have gained 5 pounds or so since we brought them home.

Karter a few days ago, such a happy boy. He likes his bouncy seat too.
And last but not least Kolton working on his head and neck control.


Anonymous said...

Hello Brandy,

I'm Beth's mom. Thanks for sharing your blog. What adorable boys. I can't imagine taking them home with Oxygen and monitors. We didn't have that but instead had three months at the NICU. They look wonderful and your life will be so full! Really, they will sleep through the night someday and you'll miss getting up to cuddle them when the house is quiet.

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