Sunday, November 05, 2006


Just these past few days the boys have began to do some neat stuff. Kolton is starting to coo and will "talk" to his daddy and me. He is also kicking his legs and arms and will even push up some on his legs when holding him. He is getting better with his head control, holding it up minutes at a time now. He has also picked his eating up sometimes wanting a couple more ounces an hour after he eats. He's bright eyed and staying up much later, too late sometimes but is better at going to bed than he used to be. He no longer(knock on wood) throws fits the minute you lay him down. Most times he is content to lay there and drift off to sleep.

Karter is also starting to coo, he started a few days later then Kolton. He has excellent head control and has had for some time. I forgot to mention they both can hold it up for a few on their tummies. Karter can also push up with his legs and is getting spoiled to sleeping in the bed with mommy and daddy. He has gotten this habit of waking up an hour before feeding time. He's not hungry or does not seem to be but just keeps crying and spitting out his binky. I put him in his Boppy and put him between Jimmy and I, he drifted right off to sleep and I think he really enjoyed that because he seems to be making it a habit. I hope on the other hand not to, I will let him do it for an hour or two and then he gets back into his own bed.

They are becoming even more of a handful because they are both getting more active and wanting to play. I actually figured out how to feed them both at the same time, which I had to do because they both wanted to eat NOW. I sat in the middle of the bed and put one on my left thigh and the other on my right, so far it has worked ok. I just have to stop feeding both to burp them.
I really look forward to the next couple of months when they began to do a lot more neat stuff. I think they are doing quite well considering how early they came into the world. On the 17th they will be 4 months and on the 26th they will be corrected age 2 months.